Mangano and Freeport Schools to Provide Free State-Of-The-Art Vision Screening to Students

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Freeport Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham today announced that a groundbreaking vision testing program has begun in the Freeport Public School District to provide free state-of-the-art vision screening, entitled SpotVision, to school-aged children. The SpotVision instrument, manufactured by PediaVision, uses state-of-the-art technology to instantly determine vision problems ranging from nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatisms to more serious eye problems such as eye turns, lazy eye or issues surrounding depth perception. If astigmatisms are treated early, before the age of 8 they are reversible.


County Executive Mangano stated, “Statistics indicate that 1 out of 4 children in the nation have undetected vision problems. Early detection and intervention matters and if we can identify vision deficits among young people early, many of these eye problems can be treated and alleviated.”


Freeport school officials participated in a demonstration of the SpotVision system. Afterwards, the district expressed an interest in having Freeport schools become the first vision testing site in Nassau County for the product. The Nassau County Department of Social Services (DSS) is in partnership with the Freeport School District to begin administering the test this fall on a district-wide basis. Testing will start in one Freeport elementary school with each student receiving this state-of-the art eye exam, which takes about 10 seconds to complete. The District will send a letter to parents advising them of the vision results and, where necessary parents will be advised to follow-up with an ophthalmologist.


Superintendent Kuncham stated, “As the first school district to partner with Nassau County in implementing this state-of-the-art vision screening process, we are able to provide early identification of students who have vision issues and notify their parents. In the very first class of 24 students we screened, five children were found to have a vision problem of some kind. Our school nurse who administered thetesting was very excited about the instantaneous results and is grateful the students’ vision issues have been identified early. These screenings will contribute to well-being and to the future academic success of our children. We look forward to continuing this partnership enabling us to provide screening on a larger scale.”


Nassau County Commissioner of Health Lawrence Eisenstein stated, “Undetected vision problems in children can lead to very serious results in terms of school achievement and behavior. This program will provide many parents the opportunity to learn if their children have any undetected vision problems so they can arrange for follow-up care with their health providers.”


For further information on the Spot Vision program, contact Ms. Suraya Deonarine at 516 227 7471.


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