New Pickleball Courts Coming to Bethpage

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilwoman Michele Johnson today announced plans to construct new pickleball courts at Town of Oyster Bay Parklet B-21 in Bethpage, located behind the Bethpage Public Library on Powell Avenue. Construction of the new courts is expected to begin by the end of October.


Supervisor Saladino stated, “Pickleball is a growing sport in our community and these courts will provide a central location for fans. With a large number of residents enjoying pickleball at John J. Burns Park in Massapequa, the Town is happy to provide another great venue for our residents.”


Parklet B-21 had been underutilized, making it an ideal location to meet the demand created by increasing numbers of pickleball participants. A fun sport for all ages, pickleball is played with a wooden paddle and lightweight plastic ball and combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. The sport can include two, three, or four players and shares similarities to other racquet sports. The dimensions and layout closely resemble a badminton court, which is considerably smaller than a tennis court. Rules of the game are somewhat similar to tennis.


“The game of pickleball is growing in popularity among our seniors citizens, children and families as it’s played on a small court that’s easy to navigate,” Councilwoman Johnson stated. “Pickleball is a very fun, social and healthy activity for the whole family and these new courts in Bethpage will be a welcome addition to the community while helping meet the increasing need for quality facilities to play this great sport.”


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