Saladino, Muscarella Increase Commuter Parking at Massapequa LIRR Station

Realignment of Parking Spaces Results in 50 Additional Permitted Spots for Commuters


Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Joseph Muscarella announced this week that the Town Board recently approved plans to re-designate over 50 total parking spaces in the M-1 and M-11 parking fields in Massapequa as “Permit Parking Only” spaces, in response to resident inquiries for additional spots at the Massapequa Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) station.


Supervisor Saladino said. “After speaking with residents, Councilman Muscarella and I directed the Town’s Highway Department to conduct a survey of each parking field within the Massapequa Long Island Rail Road Station. The survey indicated that the majority of metered parking spaces remained unoccupied during peak time. To assist commuters and those shopping at downtown businesses, the 50 metered spots will be re-designated to assist residents.”


As part of the re-designation process, 21 metered spots in parking lot M-1 will immediately be re-designated as “Permit Parking Only,” bringing the total permitted parking spaces in this lot to 181. In parking lot M-11, 33 metered spots will also immediately become “Permit Parking Only,” increasing the total permitted parking spaces in this lot to 99.


“I believe residents will truly appreciate this increased availability of parking spots,” added Councilman Muscarella. “Thanks to the survey conducted by our Highway Department, I am confident that we have found a way to provide additional parking for commuters and shoppers alike. This is a win-win, and something our residents and storekeepers will benefit from.”


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