Town Announces Crackdown on Illegal Business Signs & Neon Lights Polluting Local Communities

Continuing efforts in revitalizing downtown communities and addressing quality of life concerns expressed by local residents, Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Councilman Thomas Hand and Councilman Louis Imbroto joined with civic leaders and the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce in announcing that Code Enforcement officials will begin a town-wide crackdown on the proliferation of illegal business signs, including some with flashing and/or neon lights.


Supervisor Saladino stated, “The Town of Oyster Bay is working in unison with the Chamber of Commerce and residents to beautify the community and remove illegal signs from polluting our neighborhoods. Through enforcement of our Town Code, we will foster a more attractive suburban community.”


The Department of Planning and Development will mail notices to thousands of business owners this month reminding them of the Town sign permitting requirements (Chapter 246, Section 11.10) and restriction against the use of neon and other such lighting outlining a building or other architectural feature (Chapter 246, Section 7.3). Additionally, sandwich signs (A-frame signs) on sidewalks, scrolling/animated signs, rooftop signs and banners are not permitted by Town Code.


Councilman Hand stated, “We seek to preserve our suburban quality of life and ask all businesses respect our Town Code and communities. While we begin here in Hicksville due to the recent resident concerns, we will address this issue in every area of our town.”


Upon receiving notice from the Town of Oyster Bay Department of Planning and Development, businesses in violation of the code may either apply for a permit or remove any unpermitted signs and/or lights. Business owners will be granted 30 days to conform to Town Code. Companies who continue to illegally plaster neighborhoods with illegal signage could face court-imposed fines for such violation.


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