Phillips Joins in Calling for Increased Transit Funding to Better Serve Millions of Riders

Transit is New York’s Infrastructure of Access and a Key Driver of Economic Development in Urban and Rural Areas


Senator Elaine Phillips joined with New York Public Transit Association officials, transit operators and fellow lawmakers to call for adequate and equitable funding for the state’s aging transit systems, including the Long Island Rail Road and NICE bus service.


“As a Long Islander, and Chairman of the Senate Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee, I understand the importance of a safe and seamless transportation system and the importance of both MTA and non-MTA transit systems to our region.” Senator Phillips said. “Transit service is vital to the continued viability and economic growth of our region, and I will continue to advocate for a fair share for all transit systems and riders.”


Increased funding will allow the NICE bus service to expand north and south routes in coordination with LIRR schedules. In addition, aid will help LIRR infrastructure issues and safety concerns, allowing upgrades to signals, equipment maintenance facilities and technology.


In January, the LIRR experienced the worst on-time percentage in 22 years –with riders failing to reach their destinations on schedule 16 percent of the time.


“With ticket costs topping off at $300, $400 and $500 in some LIRR zones, commuters deserve a railroad they can rely on to get them to and from home, work, medical appointments, school or recreational activities,” Senator Phillips said.


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