Senator Phillips Attends The Safe Center LI’s 8th Annual ‘Many Faces Of Family Violence Conference’

Senator Elaine Phillips recently attended The Safe Center LI’s 8th annual “Many Faces of Family Violence Conference,” which brings together professionals and stakeholders from the social work, law enforcement, child protection and education communities. This year’s conference focused on sexual violence and also featured workshops throughout the day on various forms of interpersonal violence, including child abuse, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking.


“The Safe Center LI is to be commended for their unparalleled commitment to assisting victims of domestic violence in our region and for hosting events such as this to continue educating those who work collaboratively to protect all victims of violence,” said Senator Phillips. “In the wake of a tidal wave of sexual abuse and misconduct allegations sweeping the country, this annual conference is critical for bringing awareness not just to sexual violence, but to all types of interpersonal violence that are prevalent in our society and providing a means to restore hope for victims of abuse.”


“We at The Safe Center are grateful to Senator Phillips for securing important funding for the Center as well as for her presence and welcoming remarks at this year’s conference,” Joshua Hanson, Associate Executive Director of the Safe Center LI said. “Her support of the 2018 ‘Many Faces of Family Violence Conference’ underscores her commitment to be a leader on issues of interpersonal violence and community safety.”


Early this year, Senator Phillips’ legislation requiring the removal of firearms from individuals convicted of domestic violence was signed into state law.


“During meetings with the Safe Center LI last year – representatives stressed that bringing New York in line with federal regulations is paramount in their efforts to protect domestic violence victims and prevent further tragedies,” said Senator Phillips. “Numerous studies have shown the direct link between domestic violence and deadly gun violence and I was proud to advance this common sense legislation that closes the gap in federal law, protects women from their abusers and will save countless lives. By keeping firearms out of the hands of those who are convicted of domestic violence – we are protecting victims who are known to be at risk.”


Last year, Senator Phillips secured $50,000 in state funding for The Safe Center LI to continue to make crisis intervention services available to victims of domestic violence through a 24-hour hotline, as well as providing education and training at schools, community functions and public and private agencies to prevent abuse and guide victims to help.


Additionally, the 2018-2019 state budget included landmark sexual harassment legislation championed by Senator Phillips that provides new safeguards and protections to all workers in New York. The legislation prohibits secret settlements and mandatory arbitration, protects contract and freelance workers, and requires the adoption of a sexual harassment policy by employers. The law also bans taxpayer-funded settlements.


“These new laws, coupled with collaborative partnerships between lawmakers and organizations like The Safe Center LI, will provide New Yorkers with the safeguards and protections needed to combat sexual and domestic violence,” Senator Phillips said. “It was an honor to attend this year’s conference, and thank you to Executive Director Cynthia Scott and the Board of Directors for to continuing to hold open and informative discussions on these important issues.”


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