Assembly Majority Stifle Real Ethics Reform

A statement from Assemblyman Brian Curran

April 16, 2018 — “Today, true ethics reform legislation (A.5864), which I proudly sponsor, was blocked by the Assembly Majority. It is ironic that this happened today, as today marked the beginning of the retrial of disgraced, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on federal corruption charges. My colleagues and I have repeatedly proposed comprehensive ethics reform measures like The Public Officers Accountability Act – measures that would have stopped corrupt politicians like Silver in their tracks had they been passed years ago as they should have been.


“It is perplexing how the Assembly Majority, many of whom were friends and supporters of Sheldon Silver, can stand in the way of meaningful ethics reform legislation when so many New York state residents demand it. As long as I am a member of this Legislature, I will not stop fighting for ethics reform measures, including term-limits.”


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