Senator Hannon Introduces Legislation Ensuring Safety of Charter Bus Passengers

Bill Would Require Charter Buses to Use Commercial GPS Technology


Senator Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau) and Assemblyman Michael DenDekker (D-East Elmhurst) introduced legislation (S8207) requiring charter buses to use commercial global positioning system technology to avoid future tragedies such as the one that recently occurred on the Southern State Parkway. This legislation would apply to any charter bus transporting, for compensation, a group of passengers having acquired exclusive use of the bus for travel to a specific destination.


“Ensuring that every charter bus has a commercial global positioning system is of the utmost importance,” stated Senator Hannon. “There have been too many instances, such as the one that recently occurred in Long Island, where charter buses have hit an overpass due to the lack of using a GPS made for commercial use, which divert drivers to safe routes. The tragic accident that occurred on Southern State Parkway could have been prevented if this bus had utilized commercial GPS technology. Passing this legislation will guarantee the safety of passengers on charter buses, which is our top priority.”


“In light of the recent horrendous accident that took place in Lakeview, Long Island, I am proud to work with Senator Hannon on this important public safety issue,” stated Assemblyman DenDekker. “I am extremely concerned for the safety of all passengers on charter buses while operating on our roads in New York State. As such, we need to ensure that drivers are not relying on traditional GPS navigation systems or applications that are designed for personal cars, and require them to use a commercial or truck GPS navigation systems, which would make the drivers aware of what roads they can and cannot take safely because of their unique height and weight restrictions. By requiring charter buses to use commercial GPS systems or applications, we can be sure that accidents like this will be prevented in the future.”


Commercial global positioning systems were specifically created for commercial vehicles and will only suggest a route that a commercial vehicle can take. The height and weight of the bus is taken into account and only routes, which meet the minimum height and weight requirement, will be suggested.


If passed, this legislation would go into effect immediately.


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