Montesano Calls for Further Investigation to New York American Water

A Statement from Assemblyman Michael Montesano


“While the problems with New York American Water (NYAW) have been obvious for a while, the recent release of the Public Service Commission’s report on the company makes it evident there is more to the issue than just the outrageous rates. It has now been brought to light that NYAW has made incorrect and misleading filings to the Office of Real Property Tax Services. NYAW has also withheld information from the Public Service Commission during its rate proceedings and given deceptive statements during the hearings. This, on top of the sky-high rates which residents are forced to pay because there is no alternative water provider in many areas, is completely unacceptable. I am calling upon both the Nassau County District Attorney and New York’s Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation and convene a special grand jury to ensure this company, and the responsible employees, are held accountable for these actions as a whole. The termination of these few employees is not sufficient in relation to the gravity of the misconduct committed. It is time we take this beast head-on.”


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