Hand Invites Artists to Display Work at Rotational Exhibits

Oyster Bay Town Councilman Thomas P. Hand invites residents to participate in the Town’s 45th Annual Rotational Art Exhibit Program, which will take place throughout 2019. The program allows local artists to display their work in local libraries, banks, government offices and local businesses on a monthly “rotational” basis.


“Through this program, local businesses around the Town get the opportunity to join in supporting local artists, while providing patrons with the pleasure of viewing artwork in a setting they normally wouldn’t. This integration ultimately benefits both sectors and helps spread a passion for the arts,” Councilman Hand said. “This program not only features the diverse works of new artists, but also some of the most accomplished artists from the area.”


The Town of Oyster Bay is currently looking for new artists and businesses to participate in the 2019 program. The Rotational Art Exhibit Program allows local businesses a unique opportunity to position themselves at the intersection of industry and art. The program is free for both artists and businesses. The deadline for artist applicants who wish to be considered for the program is October 17. The deadline for venues who wish to display artwork on a rotational basis is October 31.


For more information, including a copy of the program application, visit the Town’s website, www.oysterbaytown.com, or call the Town of Oyster Bay’s Department of Community and Youth Services at (516) 797-7932.


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