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NY State Senator Carl L. Marcellino Secures $750,000 in NYS Funds to Support LIU College of Veterinary Medicine

LIU College of Veterinary MedicineNew York State Senator Carl L. Marcellino presented a $750,000 check to Long Island University on Saturday to help build the LIU College of Veterinary Medicine. The presentation took place at the 2018 Inaugural LIU Classic Polo Match and Lawn Party at the Meadowbrook Polo Club in Old Westbury.


“We are grateful to Senator Marcellino for his hard work to secure funding to help build this transformative project,” said LIU President Dr. Kimberly Cline. “We continue to be heartened by the strong community support for building our region’s first College of Veterinary Medicine.”


More than 400 people attended the event which was held to support the College of Veterinary Medicine as well as LIU’s important equestrian and veterinary programs.


Currently, there are only 30 schools of veterinary medicine in the United States and just three are in the Northeast. None of these are located in the New York metropolitan area.


“I was happy to be able to procure this grant for this a transformative project, that will be a great source of economic activity and research, right here on Long Island,” said Senator Carl L. Marcellino


This fall, LIU Post launched a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology program, the first one on Long Island. In May, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a $12 million grant to help build the LIU College of Veterinary Medicine as part of the state’s $72 million investment to support transformative life sciences initiatives on Long Island.


About Long Island University (LIU)


LIU is a comprehensive teaching and research university. Since 1926, LIU has provided high quality academic programs taught by world-class faculty. LIU offers hundreds of accredited programs to approximately 16,000 students, with a network of over 200,000 alumni, including leaders in industries across the globe. Visit for more information.


Pictured above is State Senator Carl L. Marcellino as he presents a check to LIU President Dr. Kimberly Cline alongside North Shore Equestrian Center Owner Gerry Chasin and members of the LIU equestrian team.


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Liberty Medal & Hometown Hero Award for Buy Buy Baby Worker Who Revives Unresponsive Infant

When the right person is in the right place at the right time, it can mean the difference between life and death. For a family that was shopping at Buy Buy Baby in Garden City on September 6, 2018, Katherine Falco, an employee at the popular retailer for infants and children, was the person who made a life-saving difference for an unresponsive infant. At an awards presentation for the “hometown hero” were Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin, Senator Elaine Phillips, Councilman Bruce Blakeman and Assemblyman Ed Ra, as well as family, proud co-workers and representatives from Buy Buy Baby.


“Today we salute a true ‘hometown hero,’” announced Clavin as he presented the town’s first-ever “hometown hero” award to Falco. “As a result of her quick actions, a beautiful infant is alive today.”


“Kathy is the veritable embodiment of the term ‘angelic,’” said Blakeman. “And, happily, a family that was facing a ‘life or death’ crisis was touched by an angel in the form of Katherine Falco.”


Falco, a retired registered nurse, was working as a part-time sales associate at Buy Buy Baby on Thursday, September 6th, when a customer yelled out, “Is there a doctor, does anyone know CPR?” Immediately, the good Samaritan and hero sprang into action, announcing that she did know CPR as she hurried through the store to the distressed mother of the newborn. As soon as Falco saw the baby, who was not breathing, unresponsive and turning blue, she advised the family to place the baby on the floor and to gently tilt his head back. The retired nurse began “rescue breathing” into the baby’s nose and mouth while also instructing bystanders to call 911. After administering the “rescue breathing,” the infant became responsive and began to cry.


Senator Elaine Phillips also celebrated Falco’s actions, announcing that she has submitted the retired nurse’s name to state officials so that Falco may be presented with the Liberty Medal, one of the highest honors a civilian New Yorker can receive.


“When I think of the type of person for whom the Liberty Medal was created, I think of heroes just like Katherine Falco,” said Phillips. “She is an ordinary neighbor who took extraordinary action in order to save the life of a beautiful infant.”


“I am proud to join with Receiver Don Clavin and Senator Phillips to recognize a wonderful friend and neighbor who also happens to be a genuine life-saver,” said Ra.


Falco was also surrounded by friends, family and co-workers at the ceremony in her honor. Since the incident occurred, co-workers at the retail store where Falco works have been talking about the hero in their midst.


“Kathy Falco is a great employee, always giving her best effort at our store and truly eager to help customers,” stated Jim Mahoney, manager at the Garden City store. “It really makes the entire Buy Buy Baby family very proud to know that one of our co-workers actually saved an infant’s life.”


As she graciously accepted awards, citations and accolades from officials and other attendees, Falco said that she felt blessed to have been able to make a positive difference for a family that was in crisis and a baby who was facing tragedy.


“I am so proud that Kathy Falco is a resident of Hempstead Town,” concluded Clavin. “I can think of no better recipient of the inaugural ‘hometown hero’ award than Katherine Falco.”


Visit Receiver of Taxes Clavin’s webpage

Senator Phillips, Colleagues Hear from Local Stakeholders on Flaws in New York’s MWBE Program

MWBEState Senator Elaine Phillips recently hosted a hearing in Mineola to gather feedback from business owners, industry leaders and other stakeholders on ways to improve New York’s Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) program.


The discussion followed similar hearings held this summer in Albany, Watertown and Binghamton, where over a dozen individuals provided testimony detailing many of problems they have encountered with the MWBE certification program, including participation thresholds, the lengthy certification process, project delays, as well as forcing businesses to hire contractors outside the area.


“While the MWBE program is a very well-intentioned program that I believe has the potential to help our businesses and entrepreneurs thrive here on Long Island, we are learning of recurring themes how the program is causing significant hurdles for those local business interested in participating”, said Senator Phillips.


Representatives from the General Contractors Association of NY, the Long Island Contractor’s Association, the Association of General Contractors of NYS, the Women’s Builder’s Council, the NYS Sustainable Corporation as well as a number of local businesses and interest groups participated in the hearing.


“We heard from numerous individuals and businesses on how requirements of the program have caused project costs to rise, be delayed, and, in many cases, forced local businesses to hire contractors and workers from areas outside of Long Island. Our local businesses are already overregulated and we need to find ways to better reduce the amount of unfunded mandates so we can find more efficient and effective ways of producing local jobs,” said Senator Phillips.


Senator Phillips said another hearing hosted by the Senate will be held in October in New York City.


Visit Senator Phillips’ webpage

Senator Phillips Secures $100,000 for the Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer’s Outreach Program

Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast CancerContinuing her efforts to support women’s healthcare services on Long Island, Senator Elaine Phillips announced that she has secured $100,000 for the Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer (MWCABC). The funding will be used by its Outreach Program for educational programming on breast cancer awareness, prevention and women’s wellness, as well as targeted support services to help women and their families as they fight and recover from cancer.


Senator Phillips recently met with members of the coalition to discuss some of the organization’s programs and initiatives for cancer services that will help improve the lives of Long Island women.


“Roughly 1 in 8 women in our country will develop breast cancer during their lifetime and here on Long Island, cancer rates are unfortunately higher than average. Our region is fortunate to have the Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer and its unique Outreach Program serving those in need in our local community,” said Senator Phillips. “Early detection is paramount and when found early enough, breast cancer is highly treatable. Next month is National Breast Cancer month and this vital funding will jumpstart MWCABC’s annual efforts to raise funding for research advocacy, educational outreach and services to those with breast cancer and related diseases.”


“There are not enough words to convey our sincere appreciation for this grant awarded to the MWCABC Outreach Program through the efforts of Senator Phillips,” said Lori Kearns, VP Outreach. “It will allow us to continue with our mission to empower our community by providing assistance and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer and their families through outreach, education and support services. Thank you again, Senator Phillips, on behalf of all connected to Outreach, especially myself and my co-chairs, Sabine Hairabedian, Lynn Minutillo and Dorothy Forte, for standing up for women’s health initiatives!”


The funding is part of a resolution passed earlier this year by the New York State Senate to support a range of community-based investments in cancer prevention and treatment, maternal health initiatives, help for new mothers with substance abuse problems, and other programs to improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


The Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer is an all-volunteer, charitable organization founded to unite the women of Manhasset in the fight against breast cancer. For further information visit:


Visit Senator Phillips’ webpage

Senate Bill Preserving Crucial Benefits For 9/11 Responders Becomes Law

Senator Elaine Phillips announced that a measure to preserve benefits for heroes who sacrificed their health and well-being during the September 11 terrorist attack response was signed into law. The legislation, which Senator Phillips supported, extends the ability for participants injured in World Trade Center rescue, recovery, or clean-up operations to claim workers’ compensation benefits.


“The first responders of 9/11 deserve any assistance they need in obtaining the benefits which they deserve and are entitled to receive,” said Senator Phillips. “This legislation extends the claim period, allows denied applications to be reconsidered by the Workers Compensation Board and extends the period for those still needing to file a notice of participation.”


Initially, individuals who participated in the World Trade Center rescue, recovery, or clean-up operations had until September 11, 2010, to file the required Notice of Participation and become eligible for workers’ compensation. This is the third extension of the deadline to enable fair treatment of those who are still getting diagnosed and coping with WTC-related illnesses. The new law also gives individuals who applied and were denied benefits between September 11, 2015 and September 11, 2017, the opportunity to have their claims reconsidered.


In addition to several bills which were passed to enhance benefits and acknowledge the contributions made by 9/11 rescue and recovery workers, police officers, firefighters, and other first responders, legislation was signed into law to create a new special license plate commemorating the victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The surcharge collected for the plate will be deposited into the World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship, which provides access to a college education for children, spouses, and financial dependents of innocent victims who died or were severely and permanently disabled as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.\


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Town of Oyster Bay Issues Hurricane Safety Guide

Hurricane Season Runs From June 1 to November 30


Click here to download the Hurricane Preparedness Guide.


A Message from Town Supervisor JOSEPH SALADINO


The devastating effects of recent weather-related disasters around the world, and the focus on issues relating to homeland security, have only underscored the importance of being prepared locally for any event that may disrupt our lives. It only takes one event, such as a severe storm, to devastate a community. We cannot afford to be complacent.


Disaster planning is everyone’s business. Please take time to prepare, plan and stay informed. The only real defense during an emergency is the informed readiness of our communities and our families.


The Town of Oyster Bay has installed an emergency notification system (SwiftReach or Swift 911) that enables the Town to call thousands of resident per minute to convey vital emergency information, These messages, which can be sent by telephone, e-mail, text or pager, are part of my commitment to use modern technology to protect the health, safety and welfare of our neighbors. Please follow the instructions set forth below to become our partner in public safety and emergency management.


You can sign up for Swift 911 by going to our website at and following the links in order to provide us with your contact information. You can also call us at (516) 677-5350 and request the form to be filled out by you and returned to the Town in order to add your contact information to the Town’s emergency contact system.


There is no substitute for being prepared. You can download a copy of our new Hurricane & Storm preparedness safety guide containing vital information to help keep you prepared for emergencies. Please read it carefully and keep it handy for quick reference.


Visit the Town of Oyster Bay website

Receiver Stefanich Announces 2018 General Tax Collection Now Closed

Oyster Bay Receiver of Taxes James J. Stefanich wishes to notify town residents that the 2018 General Tax Collection Warrant has been closed, and all related records have been turned over to the Nassau County Treasurer.


The original warrant specified that $587,255,080.63 was to be collected to support Nassau County, Town of Oyster Bay, and special tax districts. Assessment reductions and tax cancellations amounted to $89,153.38 (0.015%). Nassau County’s portion was $278,499,350.36 (47%). The Town of Oyster Bay’s portion was $114,350,783.22 (20%), and the special tax district’s portion was $184,249,606.97 (32%).


A list of delinquent property payments was reported to the County Treasurer, amounting to $10,066,186.50 (1.7%).


Receiver Stefanich noted that property owners with delinquent taxes would be contacted by the Nassau County Treasurer’s office. Owners will be receiving letters specifying taxes owed along with applicable penalties and late payment fees.


The 2018-2019 School Tax levy bill printing will commence on October 1st, and mailing will start in early October. Receiver Stefanich asks property owners to be patient when calling the Tax Office for information on property taxes due to the usual high volume of calls received at the beginning of a new tax collection. Residents are requested to have the school district, section, block and lot numbers of the property in question available. This information is listed on the tax bill and on the property deed.


Visit the Town of Oyster Bay website


Senator Phillips To Hold ‘Shed The Meds’ Program in Manhasset

Residents Invited to Safely Dispose of Expired or Unwanted Medications on September 15


Senator Elaine Phillips in partnership with the Manhasset Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse (CASA) and the Nassau County Police Department, will once again be sponsoring a “Shed the Meds” program to help residents safely dispose of unused or expired medications.


“Families on Long Island and across New York State, are struggling with the devastation and heartbreak caused by our heroin and opioid crisis. Events such as this not only help prevent dangerous prescription medications from being abused, but provide another tool in the collaborative fight to end this epidemic. Additionally, increasing proper disposal methods will also protect our environment by curbing the amount of medication flushed into our sole-source of drinking water,” said Senator Phillips.


The “Shed the Meds” program will be held on Saturday, September 15 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at Shelter Rock Elementary School located at 27A Shelter Rock Road in Manhasset.


Participating in the program is easy; residents will be able to drive up, drop off their old or unused medications, and drive away. Residents can bring any type of medication for disposal, however needles cannot be accepted. All collected medication will be safely disposed of by officers from the Nassau County Police Department who will be supervising the program.


Senator Phillip’s previous Shed the Meds events have collected and properly disposed of over 800 pounds of unwanted drugs.


Residents who need more information about the “Shed the Meds” program on September 15 can call Senator Phillips’ office at 516-746-5924.


Visit Senator Phillips’ webpage

Saladino Announces Registration for Fall Co-Ed Fitness Classes

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino invites residents interested in maintaining or improving their levels of fitness to register for the Town’s popular Co-Ed Fitness Classes, which return this fall, beginning in September. The fitness classes are for individuals 18 years of age or older and will be held at the Hicksville Athletic Center.


Supervisor Saladino stated, “I’m proud to announce that the Town will once again be offering these excellent fitness programs, which provide a terrific outlet to enjoy exercising and staying in shape, all while meeting new people. This fall, residents will have the choice between Zumba, Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing, and Pilates, with each session lasting 10 weeks.”


Residents interested in registering for any of the four programs are encouraged to come down to the Town’s Hicksville Athletic Center, located at 167 Broadway in Hicksville. Registration is ongoing based on availability and class fees are $60 for residents and $70 for non-residents (checks or money orders only.)


Zumba classes will hold two sessions. Residents can choose one session, either Mondays (starting Monday, September 17th from 7pm to 8pm) or Wednesdays (beginning Wednesday September 19th from 7:45pm to 8:45pm).


Pilates classes will hold three sessions. Residents can choose one session, either Mondays (starting Monday, September 17th from 8pm to 9pm), Wednesdays (beginning Wednesday September 19th from 8am to 9am), or Saturdays (beginning September 22nd, from 9am to 10 am) Please note that Saturday Pilates classes will take place at the Town’s Ice Skating Center in Bethpage.


Yoga classes will be offered in two sessions. Residents can choose one session, either Tuesdays (starting Tuesday, September 18th, 8pm to 9pm), or Saturdays (starting Saturday, September 22nd, 9am to 10am).


Cardio Kick-Boxing classes will be offered in one session, on Thursdays, beginning September 17th, from 8pm to 9pm.


For more information, or to inquire about special holiday scheduling, call the Hicksville Athletic Center at (516) 733-8418.


Visit the Town of Oyster Bay website

Saladino, Imbroto Announce New Home for Historical Sears Mural

G. Hunter Jones muralOyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Councilman Louis Imbroto and Seritage Growth Properties representative Larry Rose recently announced the historical G. Hunter Jones mural located on the wall in the Hicksville Sears store will be preserved and relocated to the Hicksville Athletic Center – ensuring the 1960’s mural remains in the heart of the Hicksville community. Sears closed its doors in April, leaving the fate of the massive 20’ x 15’ rendering in jeopardy.


Supervisor Saladino stated, “We thank Seritage Growth Properties for their commitment to funding the preservation efforts needed to save this mural for future generations. The Sears mural is a piece of our Town’s history and has great meaning to the Hicksville community. Its new home at the Hicksville Athletic Center will ensure the mural’s preservation for generations to come.”


Councilman Imbroto added, “The G. Hunter Jones mural is an important part of our history in the Town of Oyster Bay and provides residents insight to our local history and geography. The Town is proud to have preserved this piece of history for future generations to enjoy.”


The oil-painted mural depicts a historical map of Long Island along with portraits of famous residents, such as Walt Whitman, Henry Hudson, John Roebling, Peter Stuyvesant, John Underhill and Theodore Roosevelt. The work also includes a detailed map of Long Island and a timeline of importantly significant dates and events. G. Hunter Jones, a prolific Manhattan-based artist, spent nearly two decades traveling the nation to localize the sprawling department stores with his oil paintings.


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