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Santino, Hempstead Town Prepare For Hurricane Jose, Offer Tips for Neighbors to Prepare

While Hurricane Jose climbs up the Atlantic and makes it way north, Hempstead Town is preparing for its potential impact. While the degree of impact remains uncertain, town officials are taking steps to respond to damage that could accompany a major storm, as well as offering residents tips on dealing with the aftermath of Jose.


“We want to provide our residents, especially senior citizens and other vulnerable residents, with essential resources and tips to prepare for the tropical storm watch for the upcoming days,” stated Santino. “It is critical for all of us to have a hurricane preparedness plan, and to be ready when and if the storm arrives.”


As the town prepares for Jose, personnel is focused on safeguarding residents, including checking generators at its 15 senior centers. Hempstead Town officials are in contact with the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management, as well as the National Weather Service, the Army Corps. Of Engineers and the National Hurricane Center. Municipal vehicles have been fueled, equipment has been moved to staging areas and Bay Constable boats will be available if roads to the barrier beaches are flooded as a result of the storm. Trucks will be available to evacuate town staff from the barrier island if necessary.


Staff members are servicing tree removal equipment and chain saws, as well as drain cleaning equipment and are clearing storm drains. Trucks and street sweepers are ready to go, and marina staff is removing town boats from the water.


Boat owners are urged to remove their vessels from marinas. If boat removal is not possible, owners are encouraged to secure dock lines, recharge batteries and take other appropriate safety precautions.


Already in place is Hempstead Town’s Swift 911 Emergency Notification System, which provides homes and businesses with recorded notifications via telephone, email or text message. Contact information in the SWIFT911 database is based on phone directories and other publicly available sources. Visit Swift911 at to update or add your contact information to the system.


Town officials are reminding residents not to rake leaves into the street. This is critical during fall storms, as leaves can cause blockages in the storm drain system and result in flooding. Residents are also reminded to use caution when leaving their homes after the storm. Fallen trees often cause downed utility lines, which can present life-threatening hazards. Officials also request that residents follow any directives from emergency management personnel as the storm draws closer to ensure their safety.


As the storm approaches, Hempstead Town offers the following tips and guidelines for residents to consider:


Tips to keep in mind when a hurricane is predicted:


  • Listen to local radio/TV stations for weather updates
  • Organize emergency supplies
  • Clear yard of loose objects (outdoor furniture, trash cans, etc.)
  • Secure your boat
  • Board windows and doors
  • Turn refrigerator/freezer to highest setting, opening only when necessary to maintain temperature in the event of a power outage


“Having a plan can be life-saving during severe weather,” Santino said. “I encourage residents to follow these valuable safety tips.”


Visit for more information on hurricane safety, including coastal evacuation routes, important phone numbers and other tips.


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Volunteers Wanted for Hempstead Town’s Income Tax Prep Program

Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino has announced that he is seeking volunteers to join the town’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. Now entering its 43rd year, the VITA Program is sponsored by the Town of Hempstead’s Department of Senior Enrichment under the auspices of the Internal Revenue Service.


“Over the past four decades, our VITA volunteers have served thousands of senior citizens and residents with limited incomes during tax filing season,” said Santino. “We are currently recruiting individuals who are good with numbers and have previous experience with preparing federal and state income tax returns to join our outstanding team of VITA volunteers.”


Hempstead Town’s Department of Senior Enrichment will train recruits and assign them to work at town senior centers and local libraries during the upcoming tax preparation season (February, March and part of April 2018). The town will hold a multi-day training program at the Department of Senior Enrichment, located at 200 North Franklin Street in Hempstead beginning December 4, 2017.


Volunteers are not required to hold any advanced degrees or certifications, but must have prior experience with tax return preparation, a keen sense of mathematics and willingness to work with people. VITA volunteers must be available for at least 3 daytime hours per week during the 10-week program.


“It can be very rewarding to volunteer in the VITA Program. To ensure that this program continues to enjoy its success, I urge anyone with prior experience with filing income tax returns to consider becoming a VITA preparer,” concluded Santino.


Those interested in volunteering should contact the Town of Hempstead Department of Senior Enrichment at (516) 485-8100, extension 7388.


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Hempstead Town’s Takeover of Lido Golf Club Results in Increased Revenues and Major Course Improvement

“A hole-in-one success story!” . . . that’s how Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino characterized the town’s recent takeover of the day-to-day management of the renowned Lido Golf Club in Lido Beach. After a marathon refurbishment of the waterfront links style course, it reopened to rave reviews on June 18th of this year. Further, the Robert Trent Jones designed golf course has realized a substantial increase in revenues under public management as the upgraded facility has become tremendously popular with skilled golfers and beginners alike. Santino was joined today at Lido Golf Club by Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilmen Anthony D’Esposito and Dennis Dunne, Sr., and Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad to deliver the positive news about the town’s takeover of the stunning golf course.


“Town workers are demonstrating that they can refurbish a golf course to the highest standard, attract scores of new customers and boost revenues as a result,” Santino said. “This upgraded course boasts new carts and cart paths, refurbished bridges, as well as expertly manicured fairways, greens, trees and bunkers.”


Over the first six weeks of operations, the golf course recorded net revenues of $102,000, a $77,000 increase over the revenue the town would have realized under its expired contract with a private sector golf course manager. Town accountants project total annual net revenues of $510,000, a 145 percent or $301,306 increase over the amount Hempstead Town would have accrued through the former private course management. In fact, the golf course has recorded $547,309 in total revenues between the June 18th grand re-opening and Labor Day (September 4, 2017).


“In a few short months, the town’s takeover of the beautiful Lido Golf Club has already demonstrated to be a success for our golfers and for our taxpayers,” Goosby said.


“After only one summer of town management of the renowned Lido Golf Club, we are already realizing the benefits and foresee the positive long-term potential of the waterside gem,” D’Esposito said. “It was exciting to be here for the grand re-opening in June, but today marks a thrilling moment in the history of the Robert Trent Jones designed golf course,” Dunne said.


In addition to the public management success story that is being written at the Lido Golf Club, Santino is turning the popularity of the golfing destination into a benefit for a worthy cause in partnering with “Bunkers in Baghdad,” an organization that donates golf clubs, equipment and balls to U.S. military who are serving overseas. The town has collected more than 60 full sets of clubs with bags, over 1,000 loose clubs, 10,000 golf balls and other equipment; most of the supplies beings donated by visitors to the hugely popular Lido Golf Club and the township’s other course located in Merrick.


“I am dedicated to maximizing the town’s productivity and performance through better management practices,” Santino stated. “By replacing private sector operators with town workers at the Lido Golf Club, we have improved the facility and enhanced its popularity, thereby maximizing potential revenues. This is a ‘win-win’ scenario for golfers and taxpayers.”


Hempstead Town operates two stunning public courses. Merrick Golf Course, a 9-hole, par 36 course right next to Merrick Cove, and Lido Golf Club, an 18-hole, par 72 course in Lido Beach, overlooking the scenic Reynolds Channel. The Lido Golf Club has received a surge of players since it reopened this past Father’s Day after an extensive two-week rehabilitation period. Hempstead Town assumed the day-to-day management of the popular golfing destination after decades of private management. Additionally, Lido Golf Club now accepts online reservations, visit to reserve tee times.


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Santino Strengthens Ethics Reform Proposal

Amended Plan Incorporates Rigorous “Full Disclosure” Option to Salary Cap for Elected Officials


Balancing his non-negotiable priority of battling conflicts of interest on the part of Hempstead Town’s elected officials with the desire of certain Town Board members to earn substantial outside (non-government) income, Supervisor Anthony J. Santino has amended his sweeping ethics reform package. The strengthened plan retains its commitment to greatly enhanced public disclosure and strongly targets conflicts of interest. At the same time, the Santino legislation offers an alternative to the $125,000 cap on outside income for the town’s elected officials in the form of stringent public disclosure requirements related to the sources of non-town income for members of the Town Board.


“I am committed to advancing the strongest ethics reform proposal of any local official on Long Island,” said Santino. “At the same time, I recognize the importance of addressing the concerns put forth by some members of Town Board. That’s why I have amended my proposal to include an even more vigorous alternative to the cap on outside income for elected officials. By providing for stringent public disclosure on all sources of outside income as an option to the salary cap, we will be able to accomplish the same goal of safeguarding our taxpayers against conflicts of interest on the part of Town Board members. That’s a ‘win-win’ for all parties involved.”


In specific, Santino’s amendment retains his provision for a cap of $125,000 on outside income for elected officials; however, it offers a “full disclosure” alternative to the salary cap. The “full disclosure” alternative allows elected officials to disclose all clients for whom they work/consult, as well as all clients who are represented by any outside firms or companies for which the official works, consults or serves an associate or partner. The Supervisor observed that such thorough disclosure would have the same effect as a cap on outside income with respect to ensuring that elected officials do not have conflicts of interest.


In addition to the outside income/”full disclosure” provision, a variety of other regulations would govern outside income, employment and consulting work for the township’s employees and officials under the Supervisor’s proposal. A prohibition against working for entities that do business with the town (except in cases where the town’s ethics commission authorizes such work), a ban on speaking fees and a two-year ban on “lobbying” Hempstead government officials by former town employees (from the date the employee leaves town employment) are highlights included in the Supervisor’s plan.


Transparency and public disclosure are key areas of focus under Santino’s ethics plan. The Supervisor’s ethics package incorporates online publishing of all contracts and contract bids, as well as online posting of financial disclosure documents for town elected officials and managers.


“Public disclosure is the hallmark of transparent and accountable government officials,” said Santino. “This legislation proposal opens a broad window on the operations of government, as well as the conduct of elected officials and town employees.”


The Supervisor’s plan places meaningful restrictions on dealing with relatives of elected officials and town employees. Indeed his plan prohibits Town Board members from voting on issues that affect immediate family members (raises, promotions, transfers, etc.). Additionally, elected officials, managers and all employees are barred from having direct managerial authority over immediate family members.


Taking direct aim at public corruption, the Santino proposal bars elected officials and town employees continuing in their public service capacity if they are convicted of a felony. Further, convicted felons are banned from being candidates for town elected office under the plan.


“The law that I am proposing puts our town in the forefront of transparent and accountable government,” concluded Santino. “By providing for limits on outside income for elected officials, implementing stringent public disclosure requirements and adding safeguards against conflicts of interest, our town will continue to put people ahead of politics and personal profit.”


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Hempstead Town Collecting Supplies for Hurricane Harvey Victims

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino is calling on residents to lend a helping hand to victims by donating much needed supplies to the relief effort. Hempstead Town has stationed Hurricane Harvey collection boxes at various convenient locations for residents to drop the items off.


“With Hurricane Sandy still fresh in every Long Islander’s mind, it is now our turn to ‘pay it forward’ for the assistance that our township received almost five years ago,” said Santino. “We’re familiar with what our neighbors in Texas are experiencing right now, so let’s do our best to support them during the trying times ahead.”


If you wish to donate money, please donate through the American Red Cross or a trusted organization. Accepted items that can be donated are the following:

  • Baby Food
  • Diapers
  • Children’s Books/Toys
  • Clean Blankets
  • New Underwear/Socks
  • Work Gloves
  • Hygiene Products
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
  • Brooms
  • Shovels
  • First Aid Kits
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries



Collection boxes will be stationed at the following locations:

  • Hempstead Town Hall (1 Washington Street, Hempstead)
  • Hempstead Tax Office (200 North Franklin Street, Hempstead)
  • Echo Park (399 Nassau Boulevard, West Hempstead)
  • Newbridge Arena (2600 South Newbridge Road, Bellmore)
  • Levittown Hall (201 Levittown Parkway, Hicksville)
  • Merrick Golf Course Clubhouse (2550 Clubhouse Road, Merrick)
  • Oceanside Park (3800 Mahlon Brower Drive, Oceanside)
  • Hewlett Point Park (130 Hewlett Point Avenue, Bay Park)


“Hempstead Town is here to help our fellow Americans through the recovery process,” stated Santino. “Our hearts go out to the families who have been impacted by the hurricane.”


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Santino Institutes Credit Card Use at Town Waste Facility for Commercial Waste Haulers

‘No Cash’ Policy Protects Against Fraud, Theft, Abuse


Supervisor Anthony J. Santino is streamlining government and protecting Hempstead Town taxpayers against theft, fraud and abuse by implementing credit card technology for commercial waste haulers and landscapers who use the “scale house” at the township’s sanitation facility in Merrick. Under the new initiative, the scale house, which weighs garbage, construction and demolition debris, as well as landscaper waste, will soon go “cashless,” only accepting checks and credit cards for sanitation fee payments which are based on the weight of material brought through the sanitation yard. Joining Santino at the press conference at the Merrick facility were Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. and Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad.


“The Town of Hempstead is committed to ensuring that all revenue generated at the Merrick Sanitation Scale House is put toward the daily operating costs of town government,” stated Supervisor Santino. “By eliminating cash payments and instituting a credit card system, our municipality is taking new and progressive steps to streamline the payment process and prevent waste, fraud and theft at this facility.”


The town scale house, located at 1600 Merrick Road in Merrick, handled roughly 102,545 tons of bulk material, construction and demolition debris, metals and municipal waste in 2016. In addition to processing daily waste, the facility is also utilized by local landscapers, construction companies and other local businesses. The town received an estimated $4.6 million in revenue from the scale house in 2016. Cash will be accepted at the scale house until October 1, 2017.


The Town of Hempstead already takes several precautions to guard against theft and fraud at the sanitation scale house, including video surveillance of the scale house and daily supervised reconciliation of cash receipts. However, given the recent arrest of a Long Island municipal employee for allegedly embezzling nearly $100,000 in cash from a nearby township’s Solid Waste Management Authority, Hempstead Town officials are seeking to strengthen safeguards against potential fraud.


“Town residents work hard to provide for their families and pay local taxes, and the Town of Hempstead wants to do everything in its power to avoid financial mistakes, waste, theft and the potential for fraudulent transactions,” added Senior Councilwoman Goosby. “I am proud to partner with Supervisor Santino on this new initiative.”


“The addition of a credit card machine at the Merrick Scale House will provide a quick and easy way of collecting payments,” said Councilman D’Esposito. Added Councilman Dunne, “Supervisor Santino certainly deserves ‘all the credit’ for unveiling this great new service that will serve area business and protect local taxpayers.”


Beyond the town’s use of credit card machines at the sanitation department’s scale house, town officials also announced that they are installing credit card machines at other town locations to increase payment options and enhance convenience for local residents. The popular beach at Town Park Point Lookout and the newly upgraded Lido Golf Course are among the first facilities to receive the upgrades. The Supervisor mentioned that many other town facilities are soon to follow suit.


The credit card payment machines are part of Supervisor Santino’s commitment to protect against fraud, cutting costs and saving taxpayers money. Other recent programs unveiled by the Supervisor include the online auctioning of obsolete and surplus town equipment, consolidation of vehicle maintenance garages and the adoption of a lean labor agreement with the town workforce.


“The only ‘waste’ that my administration will tolerate at the Merrick Scale House is actual garbage being disposed of by contractors, landscapers and other local businesses,” concluded Supervisor Santino. “The addition of credit card payments at this facility will go a long way toward keeping a close eye on our ‘bottom dollar’ in America’s largest township.”


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Public Invited to View Live Stream Videos of Zoning Meetings

Continuing to make town government more accessible and transparent, Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino has announced that the Hempstead Town Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is now displaying a live video stream of its meetings on the Internet. This initiative follows Santino’s broadcast of Hempstead Town Board meetings via live streaming videos.


“I am deeply committed to making government more accessible and transparent,” stated the Supervisor. “Broadcasting live streaming videos of Board of Zoning Appeals meetings online will help residents who are unable to attend these public hearings to keep up to date on zoning matters that may impact their communities and areas across the town.”


The BZA has already had the first live streaming broadcast of its proceedings during its August 17th meeting. All future BZA meetings will be able to be viewed on computers, tablets and mobile devices (enabled with an Internet connection). Those who are interested in viewing the live stream broadcast can visit Additionally, a prominently displayed “slider message” on the town website’s homepage will direct visitors to the streaming video.


I am very excited to be able to bring government directly to our residents,” said Santino. “We are glad to be providing genuine transparency and accountability to the public.”


The town contracted with the vendor Livestream to host and facilitate the video transmission of its Town Board meetings in May of 2016. The annual cost for the service is $2,400. There is no additional cost associated with broadcasting Board of Zoning Appeals’ meetings.


Live video streaming of the Board of Zoning Appeals’ meetings is the latest transparency- enhancing initiative advanced by Santino. In March of 2016, the Supervisor launched Web access to his government’s legal notices, meeting agendas and minutes, and Town Board resolutions can be seen by visiting Santino has also advanced a comprehensive ethics reform package that will be the subject of an upcoming public hearing. The initiative would limit outside income for elected officials, enhance public disclosure requirements and target conflicts of interest.


“Our government is setting the standard when it comes to transparency and enhancing public access for residents,” concluded Santino. “Adding live streaming video of Board of Zoning Appeals meetings is an important part of my ‘open government’ agenda.”


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Citing Rise in Police Activity, Heroin Arrests Town Officials Call on County to Disqualify Island Park Motel from Housing Social Service Clients

Standing in front of the infamous Plantation Motel in Island Park, Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino and Councilman Anthony D’Esposito called on the Nassau County Department of Social Services to join Hempstead Town in disqualifying the seedy motel from housing any of its social services clients. The officials cited a report indicating Island Park had the third highest number of heroin arrests (per 10,000 people) in Nassau County, as well as a local fire department report evidencing over three dozen Emergency Medical Service responses since 2014, as they called for action. Santino and D’Esposito linked the two reports; along with accounts of conversations they’ve had with first responders, neighbors and school officials, in asserting that the Plantation Motel is an inappropriate environment in which to place social service clients. The officials also stated that the motel has become a blight on the local community.


“Placing social services recipients in a seedy motel is unfair to the clients who should be housed in appropriate living quarters,” said Santino. “What’s more, allowing numerous clients to be placed in substandard housing puts an overwhelming burden on local resources. Clearly, there has been undesirable activity at the motel and in the surrounding area. That’s why we are calling on the county’s Department of Social Services to disqualify the Plantation Motel from housing its social services clients. In short, a motel is not an appropriate housing location for social services recipients or anyone else who is seeking a long-term home.”


Santino and D’Esposito explained that Hempstead Town inspects all units that house the township’s Section 8 clients to ensure that they meet federal Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) standards for habitability. Generally, the requirements stipulate that a kitchen with a stove or a range be provided. Also, units must be equipped with a living room and bathroom. The officials stated that they do not feel a motel room constitutes appropriate housing for permanent living. Indeed, the Town of Hempstead does not have clients at the Plantation Motel or other locations that do not meet HUD’s habitability criteria.


A recent news report, which cites Nassau County Police Department data, indicates that during the first six months of 2017 there have been nearly twice as many heroin arrests in Island Park as there were in all of 2016. Further, the report indicated that the heroin arrest rate in Island Park is about three times higher than the average among communities with less than 10,000 people. As an active volunteer firefighter and former Chief of the Island Park Fire Department, Councilman D’Esposito said that many of the heroin emergency response calls and related police activity can be traced back to the Plantation Motel.


“The activities and environment at and around the Plantation Motel are not conducive to the type of wholesome, residential lifestyle that we work so hard to maintain for Island Park residents,” stated D’Esposito. “We want Nassau’s Department of Social Services to take steps to help neighbors to end this undesirable situation.”


The officials have spoken with local school board representatives, village officials and neighbors, many of whom believe that Nassau’s social service clients have been placed at the Plantation Motel, and it has resulted in unwarranted demands on local resources such as educational services and emergency response services. In fact, there have been nine EMS response calls to the Plantation Motel handled by the Island Park Fire Department in 2017 (to date). Further, 13 EMS calls handled by the local fire department in 2016, as well as numerous response calls managed by the Nassau County Police Department, make it abundantly clear that the impact of activity at the Plantation Motel on the Island Park Community is profound and completely negative.


Santino and D’Esposito have written to John E. Imhof, Commissioner of the Nassau County Department of Social Services, calling for swift action. The town officials called for the county to disqualify the Plantation Motel for use by any social service recipients, based on activities at the motor inn and due to the fact that motel rooms are inadequate long-term housing solution for people in need of living assistance.


“We want the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services to act now for the well-being of his clients and for the sake of Island Park neighbors,” stated Santino. “Our local families deserve a safe and harmonious neighborhood, and social service clients deserve appropriate housing. We hope Nassau officials will join the town in disqualifying the Plantation Motel for the placement of DSS clients.”


Santino and D’Esposito also mentioned that until recently, the motel was home to at least one Level 3 sex offender according to The Supervisor and Councilman called the placement of social service clients’ children at a motel that has housed a registered sex offender “a recipe for disaster.”


“It’s time to take Island Park back for the hard-working members of this community,” said D’Esposito. “The Plantation Motel is a blight on this neighborhood, and we are hopeful that Nassau’s Department of Social Services will be part of the solution in addressing this problem,” added Santino.


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Santino, Marines Win ‘Longest Golf Drive’ Contest With Donation of Golf Gear

Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino, along with some U.S. Marines, definitely won the “longest golf drive” contest as they prepped tons of donated golf gear for a 6,000 mile journey to U.S. troops serving in Baghdad. Joining Santino to pack-up the golf gear were Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, Councilman Dennis Dunne Sr., Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad and U.S. Marines from the First Marine Corps District in Garden City.


Last month, Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino announced the town’s partnership with “Bunkers in Baghdad,” a not-for-profit charity that collects and sends used golf balls, clubs and equipment to our troops around the world. Not long thereafter, both the Merrick Golf Course and Lido Golf Club were flooded with gifts from residents wanting to donate their extra golf equipment to a great cause. Today, the Supervisor waved goodbye to a gigantic 5,250 pound care package containing over ten thousand golf balls, seventy-five golf bags and thousands of clubs that run the gamut from putters to drivers.


“Our town residents never cease to amaze me when it comes to kindhearted gestures and rallying behind a wonderful cause,” said Santino. “When I announced this initiative last month, I was positive it would be a ‘hole-in-one’ success story. Nevertheless, the response from our generous community has been nothing short of overwhelming. We’re sending over two and a half tons of golf gear to our troops.”


Indeed, Hempstead Town has collected a huge truck full of golf balls, clubs and equipment that will be well on their way to Buffalo, New York, the base of operations for “Bunkers in Baghdad.” From there, the charity will send the massive care package to our troops stationed overseas, prioritizing the men and women currently serving in combat zones. “Bunkers in Baghdad” was founded in 2008 when charity president Joe Hanna learned that stationed soldiers created makeshift driving ranges in the desert as a form of relief from the stress of war. Since their initial shipment, “Bunkers in Baghdad” has donated over 8 million golf balls and over 600,000 clubs to troops in Afghanistan and 64 other countries. The charity has been praised numerous times by scores of deployed units for providing soldiers with a positive recreational outlet and a “slice” of home.


“I was blown away by the sheer amount of golf balls and equipment donated by residents to support our troops,” said Goosby. “I am proud to serve such an incredible community and I applaud Supervisor Santino for this kind gesture.”


Loading a truck to the brim with two tons of golf paraphernalia is a daunting task, luckily Hempstead Town received some help from friendly souls who are forever faithful. The town’s care package has been prepared by some Marines from the 1st Marine Corps District in Garden City.


“We are always on the lookout for any extra opportunity to support our troops” said D’Esposito. “With the Supervisor’s tenacity and the community’s involvement, we will be providing much needed stress relief and recreation to our heroes overseas.”


“We can never thank our troops enough,” said Dunne. “I am glad that our community was eager to part with extra golf equipment in order to raise morale and promote camaraderie in combat zones.”


“A very special thank you to the generous residents of Hempstead Town who have donated to our program,” concluded Santino. “Hempstead Town is proud to support our troops in any way possible and look forward to sending additional care packages in the future to ‘Bunkers in Baghdad.’”


Hempstead Town operates two stunning public courses. Merrick Golf Course, a 9-hole, par 36 course right next to Merrick Cove, and Lido Golf Club, an 18-hole, par 72 course in Lido Beach, overlooking the scenic Reynolds Channel. The Lido Golf Club has received a surge of players since it reopened this past Father’s Day after an extensive two-week rehabilitation period. Hempstead Town assumed the day-to-day management of the popular golfing destination after decades of private management. Additionally, Lido Golf Club now accepts online reservations, visit to reserve tee times.


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Santino, Ahmad Announce Lottery for Bike Lockers at Bellmore Train Station

Supervisor Anthony J. Santino and Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad are inviting all commuters to participate in the Town of Hempstead Bike Locker Lottery. Eight free bike lockers are currently up for grabs at the Bellmore Train Station, and lottery winners will be permitted use of one locker for a one-year period.


“Though the Town of Hempstead has increased local train station parking for town residents by more than 165 percent since 2016, commuters can still experience stressful mornings when looking for parking spots while trying to catch a train to New York City,” stated Supervisor Santino. “However, the eight winners of the bike locker lottery will have guaranteed ‘parking spaces’ for their bicycles, safe from weather and other hazards, just steps from the tracks at the Bellmore Train Station.”


Each of the bike lockers is 4 feet tall, 6 feet long and 3 ¼ feet wide, all conveniently located on the north side of the tracks at the Bellmore train station. Each locker easily fits a standard bicycle, protecting it from damage, theft and bad weather. The town requires a $40 key deposit, which is refunded at the end of the one-year lease. No sub-leasing is permitted.


“I am proud to partner with Supervisor Santino to offer these bike lockers to eight environmentally conscious residents of the Town of Hempstead,” said Town Clerk Ahmad. “I look forward to revealing the winners of the lottery, which is being administered by my office.”


The lottery drawing will be held on Thursday, September 7th to randomly select the eight winners. Residents interested in the bike lockers should call the Office of the Town Clerk at (516) 812-3024 to obtain an entry form (only one lottery ticket per household will be accepted). Residents must return the completed forms by Friday, September 1st to the Office of the Town Clerk, located on the first floor of Hempstead Town Hall (1 Washington Street, Hempstead) OR mail them to: Nasrin G. Ahmad, Town Clerk, ATTN: Bike Lockers, 1 Washington Street, Hempstead, NY 11550.


“We encourage all commuters to enter this bike locker lottery for a chance at their very own ‘parking space’ at the Bellmore Train Station,” concluded Supervisor Santino. “It’s easy, it’s free, but you’ve ‘gotta be in it to win it!’”


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