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Assemblyman Curran Applauds $1 Million State Grant for Baldwin

This week, the hamlet of Baldwin was awarded a $1 million state grant as part of the Restore New York Communities Initiative. The funds will go toward the demolition of 12 buildings on Grand Avenue and the building of a mixed-use development with retail space, office space and residential space capable of housing 200 students or 100 multi-family units.


“I am very pleased that the Restore New York Communities Initiative has awarded $1 million to the Baldwin community. This grant breathes new life and exciting expectations into the long awaited revitalization of Grand Avenue.”


Round 5 of the Restore New York Communities Initiative was enacted in the Fiscal Year 2017 State Budget, and Empire State Development was designated to implement the program. Cities, towns and villages were all eligible to apply for support for projects that include demolition, deconstruction, rehabilitation or reconstruction of vacant, abandoned, condemned and surplus properties.


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Assemblyman Curran Meets Malverne American Legion Members In Albany

Malverne American Legion

Assemblyman Brian Curran met with Malverne American Legion members Carol Hassett, Yvonne Brunner and Maryanne Alesia.

Recently, Assemblyman Brian Curran met with members of the Malverne American Legion during their visit to Albany for American Legion Legislative Day. Members Carol Hassett, Yvonne Brunner and Maryanne Alesia met with Curran in the Assembly Chamber to advocate for veterans’ rights, improved veteran healthcare services and financial assistance for veterans’ services and programs.


“I appreciate our local members coming to visit Albany,” said Curran. “Veterans rights have always been a top priority for me as well as projects to donate to veterans groups. I look forward to continuing working with local veterans groups to improve the quality of life for all of our vets.”


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Assemblyman Curran Meets with Baldwin and Freeport Students in Albany

Baldwin And Freeport Students In Albany

Assemblyman Brian Curran met with students from Baldwin and Freeport High Schools at the Capitol building in Albany.

Recently, Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook-21st AD) met with students from Baldwin and Freeport High Schools at the Capitol building in Albany. The students came to learn about the legislative process and discuss education funding as well as other budget issues. Baldwin Board of Education members Karyn Reid and Susan Cools accompanied the students to Albany.


“It’s always a pleasure to welcome local students to Albany and to the Assembly Chamber,” said Curran. “I’m excited that our students had the opportunity to visit with us, discuss several legislative issues and witness the Assembly in action. With so many major policy issues facing the state and the nation right now, it has motivated this younger generation to become engaged and be part of the changes that they want to see. As such, coming to Albany is important for these students and I’m truly glad they came.”


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Assemblyman Curran Helps Local Students Prepare For Mock Session In Albany

Puerto Rican Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute

Assemblyman Brian Curran, Sam Salazar and Dante Eusebio of the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute.

Recently, Assemblyman Brian Curran met with Sam Salazar, a senior, and Dante Eusebio, a junior, at Baldwin High School. The students met with Curran in his district office to prepare for their upcoming Mock Session in Albany to be hosted by the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute of which both students are members. The students will debate bills covering several topics, including the DREAM fund, establishing New York as a “sanctuary state,” and preventing wage discrimination. The Mock Session will be held March 10-12.


“I had a great afternoon with both Sam and Dante as they asked questions about legislation and procedures in preparation for their upcoming Mock Session,” said Curran. “Both of these students are very bright individuals and have plans to become lawyers and legislators. It’s very exciting to see so many students these days taking an interest in policy and government, and I think the future is in great hands.”


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Assemblyman Curran Attends American Legion Ball

Tom Finan, Dennis Murphy, Henry Speicher, Lynbrook Mayor Alan Beach, Assemblyman Brian Curran, Bill Marinaccio and Mike Guglielmo at the 11th Annual Military Ball and Post Commanders Night.

Recently, Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook-21st AD) attended the 11th Annual Military Ball and Post Commanders Night with Mayor Alan Beach at Leonard’s La Dolce Vita in Great Neck. The event included participation from 30 of 52 Nassau County American Legion posts.


“I was honored to join Post Commander Hank Speicher, Mayor Beach and members of the Lynbrook American Legion at this year’s ball,” said Curran. “It is a privilege to be in the company of these veterans who have served our country and our community so honorably.”


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Assemblyman Curran Proposes Reforms In ‘The People’s House’

Assemblyman Brian Curran and members of the Assembly Minority Conference put forth a comprehensive rules reform package to increase transparency in the Assembly, institute term limits for leadership and allow good legislation to come to the floor for a vote more frequently.


“Today, my colleagues and I proposed a number of reforms that would improve the manner in which we operate, thereby serving the people of Nassau County and all of New York better,” said Curran. “I believe term limits for legislative leadership will breed fresh and innovative ideas and keep one person from amassing too much power. Allowing solid legislation to come up for consideration, regardless of who sponsors it, will allow for better policies across the state. Proper vetting of Assembly Speaker candidates will ensure that ‘The People’s House’ is led by someone with the proper experience and the right goals and objectives to lead the state forward.”


In all, the Assembly Minority submitted 14 rules reform measures, including:


  • Requiring candidates for Assembly Speaker to answer questions in open session regarding their background, qualifications, objectives, proposals, etc. prior to selection;
  • Allowing each member to bring one substantive piece of legislation to the floor for a vote once during every two-year term;
  • Imposing eight-year term limits on the Majority Leader and Minority Leader of the Assembly;
  • Imposing eight-year term limits on all committee chairpersons; and
  • Allowing legislation with 76 or more sponsors to come to the floor for consideration.


Assemblyman Curran, himself, submitted a reform measure that would prohibit the Speaker from substituting a member of a committee and a committee chairperson would be prohibited from permitting a member substitution unless 24-hour notice is given to the Ranking Minority Member of that committee (E.821). Curran is the ranking minority member of the Codes and Ethics and Guidance committees.


All 14 proposed reforms were rejected by the Assembly Majority.


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Assemblyman Curran Announces Veterans 2018 Welcome Home Event

Assemblyman Brian Curran recently announced the 2018 Welcome Home Event hosted by the Operation-Initiative Foundation in concert with his office and Sen. Todd Kaminsky. Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress will be able to connect with and hear presentations from experts and industry professionals on a number of topics. Topics will include: suicide awareness, recognition and prevention; traumatic brain injury and alternative treatment approaches.


“I have always been a strong advocate for providing resources and services to help our veterans recover from their experiences,” said Curran. “These brave men and women have given so much to our country; we must do more for them. I am so thankful to the Operation-Initiative Foundation for putting on this event. Many of our veterans do not know where to turn for help with the serious issues they are facing. This event will be informative and may just save lives.”


The event will take place February 15 at the Lynbrook Library from 1 to 8:30 p.m. Early registration for veterans and their caregivers will be from 1 to 4 p.m. All veterans must provide a copy of their DD 214.


For more information, please call Assemblyman Curran’s District Office at 516-561-8216.


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Assemblyman Curran’s 2018 Budget Priorities

Legislative Column from Assemblyman Brian Curran


School Funding, Tax Relief And MTA Reform


With the 2018 Legislative Session in full swing and an important budget negotiation process ahead of us, there are several issues affecting Nassau County residents that I believe need attention. We must see an increase in school funding to keep providing our children the best education possible. We need increased Metropolitan Transportation Authority funding attached to significant reform policies to ensure our residents can get to and from work every day with as little hassle as possible. The opioid epidemic continues to claim lives, so we must see more funding for prevention programs and recovery centers. And tax reform, including making middle-class tax cuts permanent and finding a solution to offset the federal government’s SALT reduction policy that will cripple Nassau County.


I have always fought for increased funding for our school districts, and for the last several years we have seen an across the board increase and a restoration of funds unfairly taken from local schools. This must continue. According to a June 2017 report, the cost of educating a single K-12 student in New York state is $21,206, and that number increases every year. We cannot let the rising costs of education inhibit our students from receiving the best schooling possible. We must do better by our children.


Every Nassau County resident and anyone who has paid attention to the news over the last year knows the MTA is a disaster. Delays due to rail conditions are a common hindrance for Nassau residents on their daily commutes to and from work. The MTA needs a significant contribution from the state to help with much needed repairs and the implementation of additional rail lines. We can’t keep Long Islanders working if they can’t get to work.


In addition, the burdensome over taxation of New York state residents is felt nowhere more than in Nassau County. Our residents need real tax relief in the form of permanent middle-class tax cuts and a way to offset the federal government’s elimination of the state and local income tax deduction. While most of the state – specifically upstate – won’t feel the negative effects of this, Nassau County residents, who face some of the highest property taxes in the nation, will be decimated. The state cannot leave our residents hanging out to dry.


I will be fighting for these and other issues throughout this year’s budget negotiations to improve the quality of life for residents of Nassau County, while lowering the costs of living. Please reach out to my District Office at 516-561-8216 with any specific concerns you may have regarding these or any other state issue.


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Assemblyman Curran Secures Grant for Local VFW Post 3350

Recently, the Robert F. Garrison VFW Post 3350 made much needed renovations to its kitchen thanks to a $2,500 state grant secured with the help of Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook – 21st AD).


“We’d like to thank Assemblyman Curran for the ongoing support he provides us,” said Stephen Owen, post commander. “The assemblyman’s work to secure this grant made all the difference. Without his help, it would have taken us a great deal longer to raise the funds to refurbish our post kitchen.”


“Our veterans have given so much to our local community and our country,” said Curran. “I see any chance I have to help our local veterans groups as an opportunity to give back to them. It was a pleasure helping Commander Owen and the Robert F. Garrison VFW Post and I will continue to work to help them and other local veterans associations.”


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Assemblyman Curran Honors Local Veteran

Lou SicilianoAssemblyman Brian Curran recently honored Lou Siciliano of West Hempstead for his service to our country. Siciliano was named to the 2017 Veterans Hall of Honor and awarded a New York state proclamation commemorating the recognition.


“Lou Siciliano is a credit to our community,” said Curran. “He enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served in the 78th Regimental Combat Team as part of the famous 3rd Division. Lou is an active member of our community. He is a member of the American Legion, the Knights of Columbus and a Eucharistic Member at St. Thomas Catholic Church. We would like to personally thank Lou Siciliano for his service and dedication to our country and our community. I am proud to induct him into our Veterans Hall of Honor.”


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