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Legislator Ford Reminds Drives That School Is Open!

Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford would like to remind drivers to be extra cautious when driving now that school is open, especially when driving in school zones.


School zones are areas marked off near all schools. These areas usually have slower speed limits, especially during school hours. School zone safety laws prevent unnecessary accidents and getting a traffic ticket in a school zone will result in a much larger fine.


When school is in session there are kids walking or riding bikes to school, crossing streets everywhere in every neighborhood. To help keep everyone safe, drivers should follow these driving safety tips:



When you are in neighborhoods where there are a lot of children walking to school, be alert to children darting out into the street or riding their bicycles.

Be very careful when backing out of your driveway to look for children that may suddenly run across your driveway or are too small to see out of your rear view mirror.

Watch for crossing guards indicating you need to stop and wait for all pedestrians to be out of the cross walk.



Watch for school buses that are loading or unloading children in front of houses or schools. When a bus pulls to the side of the road or even stops in the middle of the road, you must come to a complete stop. Do this when you see the stop sign flip outward on the driver’s side of the bus. Sometimes children that leave the bus need to cross the street, the bus driver puts the sign out to warn you that a child may enter the street and you are not to pass the bus.



One of the most important driving safety tips is….slow down. Never speed in or near a school. Slow down in residential areas and anywhere there are children walking to school. Most school zones have reduced speeds during school hours. If you get a ticket for going faster than the reduced speed, the fine will most likely be double or triple the normal rate.



Many schools have an area where parents pull up to the curb to drop their child off or pick them up. It is important to use the designated drop off area and follow all the rules of the school for this area. If you can’t use the drop off area, you should get out of your car and walk your child safely to the sidewalk in front of the school. Do not let your child dart through the parking lot by themselves. The drop off zone may have rules for how long you can sit in your car. Do not park and leave your car in the drop off zone, this will cause a traffic back up or force parents to drive around your car which can cause serious accidents.


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Legislator Denise Ford Announces the 15th Annual F. F. Harry S. Ford Community Blood Drive

National statistics have proven that one in three people will require a blood transfusion at some point in their life, yet far too few people donate blood. The result is periodic blood shortages in some communities. Since there is no substitute for human blood, we can look only to ourselves to meet this challenge. If you needed blood, you’d expect it to be there. Wouldn’t you? Please do your part. Your donation will help save up to three lives.


Thursday, September 6, 2018 • 3:15 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

Knights of Columbus Hall – 970 W. Beech St., Long Beach


For medical and travel questions concerning blood donations call: 1-800-688-0900


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Bring ID with signature or photo
  • Minimum weight 110 lbs.
  • Age 16 – 75 (16 year olds must have parental permission/76 & over must have doctors note)
  • Eat well (low fat) & drink fluids
  • No tattoos for past 12 months


To schedule an appointment please call Legislator Ford: 516-571-6204.


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Legislator Ford’s Helmet Giveaway a Success

Helmet GiveawayOn Tuesday August 14th, Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford distributed free bicycle helmets to nearly 50 children and adults in Point Lookout.


Legislative District 4 and its surrounding communities have the most bicyclists on the streets at any given time in Nassau County. Bicycle safety information, educational materials, and helmets were provided by the New York State Coalition for Transportation Safety.


Legislator Ford, who donated more than two dozen helmets to the giveaway, urges her constituents to ride their bikes carefully and responsibly. “I hope that promoting bicycle safety will improve the well-being of our residents, reduce injuries, and save lives!”


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New York Blood Center Declares Blood Emergency

Organizers hope the appeal will encourage an additional 1000 – 1500 donors each month throughout the summer to help save lives


Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford would like residents to know that the New York Blood Center (NYBC) has declared a blood emergency. The organization is asking people across New York City, the Hudson Valley, Long Island and New Jersey to donate blood to help replenish the blood supply for hospitals throughout the area.


In order to maintain a safe blood supply, a seven-day inventory of all blood types must be continually replenished. Right now, reserves are below that minimum.


These low levels are particularly dangerous leading into summer months, when people are less likely to donate blood as schools go on summer break and families take vacations. The best preparation for life-threatening situations is having blood on hospital shelves in advance.


“Every single day, blood donations help save lives – and right now, the need is critical,” said Andrea Cefarelli, Senior Executive Director of Donor Recruitment for New York Blood Center. “We’re calling on everyone to do what they can to spread the word, host a blood drive or simply take an hour out of their day to donate.”


Community members are encouraged to find time to donate blood at a NYBC donor center or convenient mobile blood drive, especially donors with O negative and B negative blood types. O negative blood donors are considered “universal,” and their blood type is needed most readily in trauma situations and emergency rooms across the country. B negative is a particularly rare blood type.


Companies, organizations, and community groups are also encouraged to host a blood drive this summer to help rebuild the blood supply, especially during the months of July and August.


In just 60 minutes, you can donate one pint of blood and Save a Life, Right Here, Right Now in your own community. About one in seven hospital admissions requires a blood transfusion, and with a limited shelf life, supplies must be continually replenished. Those in need include: cancer patients, accident, burn, or trauma victims, newborn babies and their mothers, transplant recipients, surgery patients, chronically transfused patients suffering from sickle cell disease or thalassemia, and many more.


How to help:

  • Donate blood or platelets at a donor center.
  • Donate at a mobile blood drive.
  • Host a blood drive in your community or at your organization.
  • Educate others in your family, community, and organization about blood donations, and encourage them to donate themselves and/or host a blood drive.
  • Promote the need for blood donors on social media.


For more information on where to donate or how to set up your own drive, visit or call 1-800-933-2566.


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Nassau County Raises Age to Purchase Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products to 21

During a recent meeting of the Nassau County Legislature, Alternate Deputy Presiding Officer Denise Ford along with members of the County Legislature unanimously voted to prohibit the sale of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, JUUL, vaping equipment, chewing tobacco and other “age restricted” products to individuals under the age of 21.


Retailers who are found to be in violation of this new law will be subject to fines. This bill will bring Nassau in line with Suffolk County and New York City, both who have similar legislation.


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Legislator Denise Ford Honored by People’s Church of Long Beach

People's Church of Long BeachThe People’s Church of Long Beach recently honored Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford for her support of their Bible Art Program by dedicating a restored wood carving in her honor.


“I was humbled to be honored for my support of the Bible Art Program at The People’s Church of Long Beach, which many students depicted scenes from the Bible. Thank You to the parishioners for dedicating a beautiful, restored woodcarving in my name. Special thanks to Anita Shataka, Frieda Thommasson, Marilyn Wellisch, and Demerah Campbell” said Legislator Ford.


Legislator Ford is pictured above with the newly restored wood carving.


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Help is Available for Citizens Adversely Affected by Contractor Issues in The Aftermath Of Super Storm Sandy

During recent community forums regarding Super Storm Sandy held, a number of residents indicated that contractors/subcontractors are having liens filed against their property.


If that is happening/has happened to you, please contact the Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs immediately with the details, including the name of the contractor or entity that has filed the lien as well as your address and Consumer Affairs case number, if you have one. Please contact:


Gregory A. May, Commissioner

Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs

1 West Street, Room 136A, Mineola, NY 11501

(516) 571-6005 – Office

(516) 571-1308 – Fax


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Next S.T.O.P. Hazardous Household Waste Collection Program: April 29

Legislator Denise Ford is pleased to announce that the Town of Hempstead Stop Throwing Out Pollutants Hazardous Waste Collection Program (S.T.O.P.) is coming to our area and will take place Sunday, April 29th from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The drop site is located at the Long Beach City Hall parking lot.


The Stop Throwing Out Pollutants (S.T.O.P.) Program is designed to provide area residents with a safe, environmentally sound method of disposal of the many hazardous materials found in the average home. By bringing such toxins as antifreeze, drain cleaners and pesticides on any of the scheduled S.T.O.P. collection days, you and your family can make a significant contribution to the protection of our precious groundwater supply and the preservation of our bays and estuaries. Please join with us in cleaning our homes of hazardous material and ensuring their proper collection and disposal. Together we can ensure the continued integrity of our fragile ecosystem.


When bringing items, please follow these simple guidelines: Wrap leaking containers in newspaper and place in a plastic bag or larger container. Make sure all caps and lids are tight. Place items securely in a box for transportation. Use newspaper or cardboard to keep items from tipping or hitting each other. Place chemicals which may react with each other in separate areas of the vehicle. Do not leave products in a hot, unventilated vehicle for an extended period of time. Do not smoke near chemical products. Wear rubber gloves when handling containers.


Waste from commercial establishments, schools, churches, synagogues or home businesses will not be accepted. No commercial vehicles are permitted. Please note that electronic recycling items will only be collected at E-cycle events.


For a list of acceptable/unacceptable S.T.O.P. recycling items, please visit:


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Legislator Ford To Host Narcan Training, Overdose Prevention Workshop

You can save the life of a loved one from overdose.


Every day, at least one Long Islander dies from an opiate overdose. And those are only the ones we know of – the ones directly caused by heroin or prescription painkillers such as Percoset or Oxycodone. If you don’t think it can happen to someone you care about, please think again. Overdoses can happen to anyone.


To make this epidemic even worse, other deadly drugs called Fentanyl and Carfentanil, which are much stronger than heroin, have entered Nassau County and are having devastating effects on addicts. These synthetic opioids can be fatal if inhaled or absorbed into the skin and dealers are mixing them in with heroin and cocaine to amplify their potency


Legislator Denise Ford is sponsoring this event to teach residents what to do in case of an overdose and to help them learn how to administer the life-saving, overdose-reversal agent called Naloxone, or “NARCAN.” NARCAN is the antidote to an opioid overdose and all attendees will receive a free kit.


Monday, April 16, 2018 • 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Woodmere Fire Department
20 Irving Place, Woodmere, NY 11598


Seating is limited and reservations are required.  To reserve your seat and free NARCAN kit, please contact Legislator Ford’s office: 516-571-6204 –  You may also register online at:


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Legislator Ford Recognizes Women’s History Month Honoree

Christina Tisi-KramerNassau County Legislator Denise Ford had the privilege of Co-Chairing the 20th Annual Women’s History Month celebration at the Nassau County Legislature.


As part of the celebration, each Legislator chooses a woman from their district to honor. Legislator Ford chose Christina Tisi-Kramer as an honoree. Christina had an idea of paying it forward and started the Hurricane Harvey donation site which in just 6 days collected enough supplies to fill 5 fifty foot semi-trucks and have them driven to Texas to deliver to a small beach community.


Christina and her family recognized that “we too are capable of helping others in times of need”. So they established “Waves of Hope USA” and helped the victims of the California Wild Fires delivering 1,000 toys for the 2017 holidays.


Thank you Christina, keep on sharing your spirit with us and making a difference in so many lives!


Pictured above with Legislator Ford are Honoree Christina Tisi-Kramer, her husband Tim and their two sons.


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