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Ra to Co-Host Shred & Shed Event, Sept. 22

Assemblyman Ed Ra is pleased to announce he will co-host a Shred & Shed event with Senator Kemp Hannon and Carey Dad’s Club on Saturday, September 22 at Sanitary District #6, 80 Cherry Valley Avenue, West Hempstead. At the event, unwanted or expired medication will be collected and properly disposed of to avoid pollution and contamination of the environment. Shred & Shed also gives residents access to a shredder to dispose of any sensitive documents. The event will be supervised by the Nassau County Police Department from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and will be held rain or shine.


“Improper disposal of medication or documents can have a significant impact on the environment and your security,” said Ra. “Getting rid of medication by flushing it down the toilet or throwing it out can risk pollution in our water or it could end up in the wrong hands. Tossing paperwork containing any personal information can also lead to identity theft. I am proud to hold this event once again to help locals properly dispose of their unwanted medication in a safe manner and to give them the opportunity to shred any documents. This is an event I will continue to host for many years to come.”


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Ra’s Free Veterans BBQ a Success

On Thursday, August 9, Assemblyman Ed Ra was thrilled to welcome local veterans and their guests to the VFW Post 2718 in Franklin Square for a free BBQ. The event had over 75 attendees with veterans from WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Post Advocate John McManamy was presented with an award for his outstanding service to the U.S. and his local community. In addition to food and refreshments, the Nassau County Veterans’ Service Agency, Nassau County Clerk’s office and the Northport VA were present to provide veterans with information regarding the services and programs available to them.


“It is truly an honor to be able to meet with some of the fine men and women who have served our country,” said Ra. “I am also happy to provide them with the opportunity to connect with other veterans and with organizations such as the Nassau County Veterans’ Service Agency, Nassau County Clerk’s office and the Northport VA. This is a great chance for them to learn more about what is available to them and to gain support within our community. I look forward to hosting this event for many years to come.”


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Ra Stocks Long Island Cares Mobile Breakfast Food Truck

Long Island Cares Mobile Breakfast Food Truck

Asparagus the Dragon, mascot of Long Island Cares, picked up the 1,033 pounds of food from Assemblyman Ed Ra and students at Notre Dame School, New Hyde Park, on Friday, June 8.

Assemblyman Ed Ra is pleased to announce his food drive to stock the Long Island Cares Mobile Breakfast Food Truck collected 1,033 pounds this June. Ra partnered with St. Anne’s School, Garden City, and Notre Dame School, New Hyde Park, for the drive. The food truck delivers ready-to-eat and nutritious breakfasts to children whose families are food insecure at no cost.


“Children should be focusing on being kids, not wondering where their next meal is coming from,” said Ra. “Programs like the LIC Mobile Breakfast Food Truck are especially important during the summer months when children in food insecure homes are not receiving breakfast and lunch through their school meal programs. I am happy we can provide these meals so children can actually enjoy their summer and not worry about going hungry. I look forward to continuing to work with LIC in the future to help my fellow Long Islanders in need.”


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Ra Presents Flag from New York State Capitol Building to Local Students

Homestead SchoolIn honor of Flag Day, Assemblyman Ed Ra was proud to present Homestead School an American Flag which had been flown over the New York State Capitol building in Albany during a special ceremony on Friday, June 8. The flag was accepted by Dr. Suzanne Viscovich, principal of the Garden City school. Students showed their spirit by singing patriotic songs, waving American flags and dressing in red, white and blue.


“It is important to teach our children the history of our country so they learn what it means when you say you are proud to be an American,” said Ra. “I was honored to present this flag to Dr. Viscovich and her students, who all displayed an enormous amount of patriotism. The American flag was first adopted in 1777 and it is wonderful to see almost 250 years later how far our nation has come.”


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Ra Presents Scholarship to Help Local Softball Player Attend College

Italian-American Day

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) and Assemblyman Michael DenDekker (D-East Elmhurst) presented Marissa Nicoletti with a check for a $3,000 scholarship from the New York Conference of Italian-American State Legislators on Italian-American Day in Albany on Tuesday, June 5.

Assemblyman Ed Ra is pleased to announce the recipient of this year’s Sen. John J. Marchi Memorial Athletic Scholarship as Marissa Nicoletti, a senior at H. Frank Carey High School in Franklin Square. The $3,000 scholarship is offered yearly by the New York Conference of Italian American State Legislators to high school students who show a passion for athletics and dedication to their academics, among other requirements. Marissa has been playing softball for almost a decade and is on her school’s kickline team.


“I am proud to present this scholarship to Marissa, who is as equally dedicated to her academics as she is to her athletics,” said Ra. “I have no doubt she will continue to show this type of dedication in college, where she will be playing softball for a NCAA Division II team while in a five-year program to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to teach math to special education students. She is truly an inspiring individual.”


Marissa was granted early acceptance into Molloy College after being recruited for its softball team. At Molloy, Marissa will be in a five-year program to receive her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Childhood Math Special Education for grades 1 through 6.


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Ra, Local Students Send Appreciation Letters to the Military

Heart for Heroes campaignAssemblyman Ed Ra was pleased to partner with students from the Mineola and Carle Place school districts for his annual Heart for Heroes campaign in honor of Memorial Day. The campaign asked students to write letters thanking active and retired members of the military for their service. Over 500 letters were collected to be included in care packages distributed by Operation Gratitude to U.S. Service Members deployed overseas. Operation Gratitude’s mission is to lift the spirts and morale of our military and first responder communities.


“Everyday members of the military risk their lives and give up time with their loved ones to protect us,” said Ra. “I hope these letters of gratitude and appreciation will bring smiles to their faces. It is uplifting to see so many children and young adults eager to thank the dedicated and hard-working men and women of our military. Operation Gratitude is a wonderful program, which has already sent over 2 million care packages to currently-deployed members of our military, new recruits, veterans and first responders. I am so happy our community was able to come together with this organization for such a positive campaign. I look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.”


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Ra Helps Seniors Avoid Healthcare Fraud and Scams

Assemblyman Ed Ra was pleased to host a Healthcare Fraud Seminar on Saturday, April 28 at the Mineola Memorial Library. The event featured special guest speaker John Rotondi, a certified senior Medicare patrol educator. During the seminar a variety of topics were discussed including, Medicare cards rollout, scams and frauds related to Medicare cards, how to spot potential fraud and how to protect oneself from these scams and frauds.


“The fact that there are people out there trying to take advantage of the elderly is appalling,” said Ra. “I am pleased we had the opportunity to help some of the senior population learn how to avoid fraud or getting scammed so they can continue to enjoy their golden years. This is a program that I will support and host for many years to come.”


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Assemblyman Ed Ra Community Shred and Shed Event a Success

Community Shred and Shed EventAssemblyman Ed Ra is pleased to announce the success of his Shed and Shred event in which Nassau County residents dropped off expired or unwanted medication, e-cycled old electronics and shredded documents on Sunday, April 22. The event was hosted in conjunction with Sen. Kemp Hannon, the Town of Hempstead Special Sanitation District #6 and Carey Dad’s Club. Eleven bags of medication and six sharps containers were collected along with numerous documents shredded.


“Disposing of unwanted or expired medication improperly can lead to a number of issues,” said Ra. “If you flush it down the toilet or pour it down a drain it can pollute the water we use for drinking, bathing and cooking. If you simply toss medication out in the garbage, other people can get their hands on it and misuse it. It is important to hold events like this to help the community understand these issues and provide a safe alternative. I am thrilled to have added document shredding this year and e-cycling, as many people may not have access to a shredder or know what to do with the piles of electronics collecting dust in their closets. I hope to continue this program for many years to come to offer these services to our community.”


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Statement from Assemblyman Ra

Assemblyman Ed Ra is disappointed to announce that his bill, the “Standardized Testing Transparency Act” (A2312) was held in the Assembly Committee on Education. The legislation would have allowed the Commissioner of Education to release all questions and content on state tests as well as data on the number of students who completed, opted out or were eligible to be tested within 30 days following the test.


“We need to provide our families with this information so they can feel confident when making their personal decision on whether or not to have their children take the new Common Core tests,” said Ra. “Students and parents deserve this transparency, as it will help them determine what is right for their families, as each family has a unique situation. By blocking this legislation, the Assembly Majority are once again refusing to allow families the opportunity to decide what is right for their children. Our teachers are also being let down, as they are caught in the middle of all this. It is already known that there are issues with the content of the tests and its administration, this secrecy is not helping anyone. Though the Assembly Majority continues to refuse to help students and their families, I will continue to fight for this transparency. We need to be open and honest about what is going on behind the scenes so each family can decide what is right for them.”


“It was disappointing that the Assembly Majority once again let down our teachers, parents and students by blocking the Standardized Testing Transparency Act, legislation that would have given families peace of mind in helping to determine if it was appropriate for their children to take these standardized tests. We have already seen a myriad of problems with the contents of the test’s questions and with how they are administered. I will continue to fight for the highest level of transparency and accountability in regards to the curriculum being taught and the tests that are administered, to help our parents make the best educational choices for their children,” said Assemblyman Dean Murray, the Ranking Minority Member of the Education Committee.


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Ra Announces Nephrotic Syndrome Awareness Day in New York

Nephrotic Syndrome Awareness DayAssemblyman Ed Ra is pleased to announce the passage of a Resolution to declare March 27, 2018 Nephrotic Syndrome Awareness Day in New York. Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder, which affects roughly 5 out of 100,000 people, that causes one’s body to excrete an abnormally large amount of protein in the urine.


“I am so happy we are able to shine some light on Nephrotic Syndrome,” said Ra. “This wouldn’t have happened without all the hard work of NephCure Kidney International. Collectively, there are many Americans who suffer from all kinds of rare diseases, so it is important to raise as much awareness about as many diseases as possible in order to help find treatments, cures and teach others the signs and symptoms.”


The most common cause of the disease is when clusters of small blood vessels in the kidneys, which work to filter waste and surplus water from the blood, are damaged. Symptoms include weight gain from retaining excess fluid, swelling, usually around the feet, ankles and eyes, loss of appetite and fatigue. It can also increase the risk for blood clots, infections, acute kidney failure and high blood pressure and cholesterol.


“The most exciting thing about going to Albany is the awareness. My main goal is to be able to say, Nephrotic Syndrome, and have someone know it, like they know other diseases. They may not know it as intimately as we do, but they don’t have to say, Nephrotic what?,” said Marlene Botta, a Franklin Square NephCure volunteer whose daughter Jackie, 16, was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome as a child.


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