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Miller to Hosts Intro to Tai Chi for Seniors: Tuesday, July 31

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller is pleased to announce the fourth event in her 2018 Senior Series, cohosted with Northwell Health, an introduction to tai chi class titled “Tai Chi and You.” The seminar will be run by Richelle Rapaport, RN, AHNBC, at the Long Beach Library on Tuesday, July 31 from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Miller Senior Series – Tai Chi and You
Long Beach Library, 111 W. Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY
Tuesday, July 31
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.


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This Tuesday: Miller’s Senior Series, Be Smart With Prescriptions

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller is pleased to announce the third event in her 2018 Senior Series, cohosted with Northwell Health, titled “Be Rx Smart!” The seminar will be run by MaryAnne Cronin, PharmD, at the Long Beach Library on Tuesday, July 24 from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


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Miller Challenges Local Young Readers During Summer Vacation

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller is pleased to announce her involvement with the state Assembly’s 2018 Summer Reading Challenge, which encourages children to read for at least 15 minutes each day for a 40-day period during summer vacation. Those who complete the challenge will receive a New York State Excellence in Reading Certificate from Assemblywoman Miller.


“Encouraging our children to read, even for a few minutes a day, is a great way to help them keep their minds sharp during summer vacation,” said Miller. “Reading also helps to spark the imagination and escape to a new world full of endless possibilities. I am excited to be involved in this year’s program and know there will be many young readers out there who will successfully complete the challenge.”


Participants must fill out the Summer Reading Challenge form, which can be found at your local library or online at Assemblywoman Miller’s website under publications. All completed forms should be submitted to her district office.


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Miller, Curran Provide Grant to Oceanside Library

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller and Assemblyman Brian Curran are pleased to announce they have secured a $13,000 bullet aid grant for the Oceanside Library.


“Libraries are more than just places to borrow books. They provide the opportunity for communities to come together and expand their horizons,” said Miller. “I am so pleased we can help the Oceanside Library increase its security system and its reach to better include adults with special needs into the community. Securing funding for the Oceanside Library, and other local libraries in need, is something we will continue to campaign for in the future to guarantee libraries can continue to provide for the future generations of our communities.”


Oceanside Library is planning on using the funds for two projects, the first being to enhance its security system. The second project is to increase the amount of programs they hosts for special needs adults, including programs on work readiness and social situations.


“I am very happy to announce that Assemblywoman Miller and I were able secure this additional state funding for the Oceanside Library,” said Curran. “The library is an important resource center for this community, and we will continue to advocate for funding so that, when necessary, we can make improvements and upgrades to ensure that our library serves our residents for many years to come.”


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Miller Speaks Out on the Dangers of Rip Tides

Atlantic Beach Rescue Squad

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller (R,C,Ref-Atlantic Beach) joined members of the Atlantic Beach Rescue Squad in support of their campaign warning of the dangers of rip tides on Saturday, July 7.

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller is joining members of the Atlantic Beach Rescue Squad for its public safety awareness campaign, “Break the Grip of the Rip,” regarding the dangers of rip tides. Recently in Long Beach, a 31-year-old man and a 10-year-old boy drowned on separate occasions after being caught in the rip tide. These incidents are what sparked the Atlantic Beach Rescue Squad’s campaign which warns people to not swim alone and how to swim out of a rip tide should you be caught in one.


“Even the most experienced swimmer can be caught off guard by a dangerous rip tide,” said Miller. “This is why it is so important to never swim alone and to learn what to do should you be caught in a rip tide. With our communities facing two devastating losses recently, it is with a heavy heart that I join this campaign, but I hope by doing so we can spread more awareness and save lives.”


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Atlantic Beach Tennis Center Set to be Completed Spring of 2019

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller is pleased with the progress of renovations to the Atlantic Beach Tennis Center, a project which is expected to be finished during spring of 2019. In 2017, Miller gave the Village of Atlantic Beach a $100,000 State and Municipal Facilities Program (SAM) Grant for reconstruction of the tennis center and installation of bathrooms and exits which follow the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


“Getting to help improve the town I was born, raised and still live in is a wonderful feeling,” said Miller. “A quaint residential neighborhood with private beaches for its residents, Atlantic Beach has provided a great life for my family and so many others throughout the years. I can’t wait for the tennis center’s renovations to be completed so our families can continue to enjoy all Atlantic Beach has to offer.”


The Village of Atlantic Beach provides a unique opportunity to its residents as it is so close to New York City, while also offering the privacy of a suburban neighborhood and a short walk to the beach. Other projects in the area include the repaving of roadway on Ocean Boulevard, the addition of center median parking spots and an upgrade to the drainage system.


“We are about 75% complete with our renovation of our handicapped accessible Tennis Center building,” said Atlantic Beach Mayor George Pappas. “We have turned this building into a year round center to meet in times of need such as Hurricane Sandy as well as a place residents will be able to enjoy a yoga class or a card game. It would not have been possible without our State Assemblywoman Missy Miller who provided a grant from the State of New York. Missy has shown her commitment to Atlantic Beach and her entire district. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated pubic official representing all of us.”


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A Day of Fun in the Sun with Assemblywoman Miller

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller is excited to announce her upcoming beach day event for Atlantic Beach residents at Genesee Beach which will include music, refreshments and other fun activities with the Village of Atlantic Beach on Thursday, July 19. There will be free tai chi and yoga classes offered by a certified Tai Chi Qigong instructor, and Love Integration Yoga as well as a basic surfing lesson. The event will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Beach Day with Assemblywoman Melissa “Missy” Miller for Atlantic Beach residents
The Village of Atlantic Beach
Genesee Beach/Arnie Levey Way
Entrance at Ocean Blvd. & Genesee Blvd.
Thursday, July 19
10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


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Miller To Help Seniors Avoid Identity Theft and Scams with Free Seminar

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller is pleased to announce she will be hosting a free seminar, cosponsored by Nassau County Consumer Affairs, to help seniors protect themselves from scams and identity theft. A representative from Nassau County Consumer Affairs will be giving the presentation.


Thursday, July 12
2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Free Senior Scam/Identity Theft Seminar
Island Park Public Library, Community Room
176 Long Beach Road, Island Park


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Miller to Empire BlueCross BlueShield: Stop Putting Profits Before People

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller was proud to join South Nassau Communities Hospital’s (SNCH) rally to fight Empire BlueCross BlueShield for fair reimbursement rates and to keep SNCH within the Empire BlueCross BlueShield network. The rally was held on hospital grounds on Thursday, June 21. Currently, SNCH is in the middle of contract discussions with Empire BlueCross BlueShield, which have gone on for much longer than expected and could affect members ‘ability to receive non-emergency care coverage at SNCH starting July 1.


“Healthcare companies should be focused on the health and care of their members, not their bank accounts,” said Miller. “Empire BlueCross BlueShield needs to stop putting profits before people. This is our community, we need this hospital and the ancillary services they provide throughout this entire area for our families, and Empire BlueCross BlueShield doesn’t have the right to take them away. I will continue to fight alongside my fellow legislators and Long Islanders until this company provides the same reimbursement rates and coverage that it does to other hospitals in the area.”


Last year, Anthem, Inc., the owner of Empire BlueCross BlueShield, reported a profit of $3.4 billion, which is a 55 percent increase from 2016. The company also received a $1 billion credit in corporate tax relief under President Trump’s tax reform. Compared to SNCH, other hospitals in Nassau County receive up to 40 percent more in coverage from Empire BlueCross BlueShield for the same medical conditions and procedures. For the past few years, SNCH has lost $11 million in revenue from Medicare cuts.


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Bullying Doesn’t Stop When Our Children Come Home

An Opinion Piece from Assemblywoman Melissa Miller


“The rate at which young adults and children are being bullied in today’s world is unfortunately at an all-time high. The reason? Unlike years ago, the bullying doesn’t stop when our children come home from school. The bullies can now follow them home, harassing through texting or the many social media websites and apps that so many of our children are intertwined with. Taking away our children’s phones and making them deactivate their accounts isn’t going to help. That is punishing them for someone else’s wrongs and can worsen the situation by making them feel like outsiders, giving the bullies something else to pick on. The youth of today can also be ruthless, picking on anyone who is even the slightest bit different from them. This makes things extremely difficult for individuals with disabilities.


“So how do we fix the bullying problem? It starts with the older generation, whether you are a parent, guardian or just a significant adult in a child’s life, you can help. By being reliable and responding to situations of bullying swiftly every time, you can help teach the younger generation that this isn’t acceptable behavior, and research has shown this approach to be effective over time. Kids also rarely ask for help because they want to be independent and think asking an adult for help could make things worse. This is not a kids-will-be-kids situation; we need to teach them they can’t treat their peers like this.


“We shouldn’t be shushing our children when they ask about an individual with a disability, rather, we should explain to them that some people are different, which is okay. By teaching our youth about the different types of disabilities that are out there, we are helping our communities become more understanding, accepting and inclusive.


“There are warning signs that your child is being bullied that you can look out for. If your child or a child you know has a change in eating habits, problems sleeping, slipping grades, injuries they refuse to explain how they got, is constantly losing personal property or having it be destroyed without explanation, avoiding social situations or taking part in self-destructive behaviors, they could be a victim of bullying.


“But these aren’t the only signs we should be looking out for. There are children out there doing the bullying, so while it might be difficult to admit, your child or a child you know may be bullying others. Signs that your child might be a bully include increasing aggressiveness, getting into verbal or physical fights frequently, blaming others for their own problems, sudden acquisition of money or new possessions, constant trips to the principal’s office or refusing to accept accountability for their actions. If you think your kid might be a bully, don’t be ashamed. Take action and try to help your child learn why bullying others is wrong. There are so many resources available to help; it’s time for us to start using them to help our children lead better lives.


“Our children look up to us and it is our duty to teach them the difference between right and wrong. As much as we want to be friends with our kids, we are first and foremost their parents and must behave as such. They look to us as role models and for guidance, so to ensure they have the best life possible, we must teach them to treat others with respect and kindness. Choose kind!”


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