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Montesano Supports Sept 21 ‘Car Free Day’ to Promote a Healthy Environment

Assemblyman Michael Montesano is proud to support the 6th Annual Car Free Day LI on Friday, September 21. This event is part of an international movement to promote the use of alternative transportation such as public transit, carpooling, walking or biking. The goal is to reduce dangerous emissions, traffic and parking issues as well as to conserve energy, improve health and save money.


“Going car free, even for just a day, can help our overall environment and health significantly,” said Montesano. “I am proud to be supporting this campaign and to join my fellow Long Islanders in being car free, or car-lite, this September. This is a great way for our communities to come together to make a difference and create awareness for something as simple as limiting the use of our cars. I look forward to participating in this campaign this year and for many years to come.”


The campaign is being led by Car Free Day LI, 511NY Rideshare and Transit Solutions, in partnership with leadership from across Long Island. To pledge to be car free or car-lite, residents can visit the Car Free Day LI website to fill out the form.


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Oyster Bay Segregation-Era Cemetery Now on National Register of Historic Places

Assemblyman Michael Montesano is pleased to announce that as of July 27, 2018, the Pine Hollow Cemetery has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located in the Town of Oyster Bay, the Pine Hollow Cemetery was created during the segregation of the black community from the white community in the 1800s. While it is unclear how many people are buried there due to earlier tombstones being destroyed or illegible, there are over 150 markers, including those of Civil War veterans. On site there is a sign dedicated to Gordon Maddox, who was a volunteer caretaker during the mid-1900s who repaired or replaced tombstones.


“It is important for us to remember both the good and the bad of our nation’s history,” said Montesano. “While the Pine Hollow Cemetery represents a time when our community was divided, recognizing it officially as a historic place on the National Register of Historic Places is an important aspect of teaching future generations our history. It also acknowledges the struggles those who are buried there faced and honors their memories.”


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Libraries in Bethpage, Hicksville and Locust Valley to Receive Funding for Construction Projects

Assemblyman Michael Montesano is pleased to announce 230 construction projects have been approved by the New York State Library and the New York State Education Department for libraries across the state of New York. Funding for these projects comes from a $24 million capital fund appropriation for the renovation and construction of New York’s libraries in the 2017-18 State Budget. The 15th Assembly District will see nearly $220,000 toward construction on the Bethpage Public Library, Hicksville Free Public Library and the Locust Valley Library.


“Libraries provide so much more than books to our communities,” said Montesano. “They provide the opportunity to escape reality and dive headfirst into a world of wonder, fantasy, romance and thrilling adventures. Libraries also bring our communities together through classes, events and other programs offered for people of all ages. I am so excited to see three of our local libraries the fund for needed repairs in order to ensure they will continue to serve our communities for many years to come.”


The Bethpage Public Library will receive funding to replace its roof, while funds given to the Locust Valley Library will go towards renovating the children’s section. The Hicksville Free Public Library will use its funds to replace the flags on either side of the entrance to the library and replace a concrete apron.


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Montesano Calls for Statewide Contaminant Testing in Public Water Systems

Assemblyman Michael Montesano is pleased to announce he is joining his colleagues in the Assembly to call upon the New York State Drinking Water Quality Council and the Department of Health (DOH) to test public water systems statewide for contaminants. He is also asking the Council and DOH to launch strict Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) for 1,4-dioxane, PFOS and PFOA, after it has been discovered that these contaminants are making people sick and pose a threat to public health.


“No one should have to think twice about getting a drink of water from their tap,” said Montesano. “Chemicals like PFOS and PFOA are harmful and have been linked to thyroid disease, immune suppression, kidney cancer and preeclampsia. The contaminant 1,4-dioxane has also been linked to a higher risk for other cancers. These chemicals do not belong in our drinking supplies. I will continue to fight for their removal so we all may have peace of mind when it comes to enjoying a cold glass of water.”


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Montesano Calls for the DMV to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

Assemblyman Michael Montesano and Adam Sackowitz, local historian, are calling upon the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to create a commemorative license plate to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon, which will be celebrated next year on July 20, 2019.


“It’s amazing to see how far we have come in the 50 years since we first walked on the moon,” said Montesano. “This event will be forever a landmark moment in history. It is only fitting that it be memorialized with another commemorative plate, just as it was for the 25th anniversary. As representative for the 15th Assembly District, where the mission’s lunar module was built, I am so proud of our community and the accomplishments it has made to contribute to society.”


The lunar module, which brought astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin safely to the moon, was built in the 15th Assembly District by Bethpage’s Grumman. A commemorative license plate was developed for the 25th anniversary in 1994 featuring a picture of the lunar module and the text “One Giant Leap For Mankind.”


“The landing of the lunar module and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon was one of the most momentous events in American and World History that Long Islanders remember with pride,” said Sackowitz. “Long Island played a direct role in landing man on the moon.”


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Montesano Calls for Further Investigation to New York American Water

A Statement from Assemblyman Michael Montesano


“While the problems with New York American Water (NYAW) have been obvious for a while, the recent release of the Public Service Commission’s report on the company makes it evident there is more to the issue than just the outrageous rates. It has now been brought to light that NYAW has made incorrect and misleading filings to the Office of Real Property Tax Services. NYAW has also withheld information from the Public Service Commission during its rate proceedings and given deceptive statements during the hearings. This, on top of the sky-high rates which residents are forced to pay because there is no alternative water provider in many areas, is completely unacceptable. I am calling upon both the Nassau County District Attorney and New York’s Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation and convene a special grand jury to ensure this company, and the responsible employees, are held accountable for these actions as a whole. The termination of these few employees is not sufficient in relation to the gravity of the misconduct committed. It is time we take this beast head-on.”


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Montesano: We Should Help Victims’ Voices Be Heard, Not Silence Them

Assemblyman Michael Montesano is pleased to announce his co-sponsorship of a bill (A.10692) which would require the parole board to consider testimony from victims and other members of the community during parole hearings by amending both the executive and criminal procedure laws.


“The voices of victims deserve to be heard, especially when the person who negatively impacted their lives is up for parole,” said Montesano. “Currently, the parole board doesn’t take into consideration how the victims or public will be affected by the release of an offender. By not taking into consideration their testimonies, we are essentially telling them what they went through doesn’t matter. As a lawyer and former law enforcement official, I feel we should be continuing to help the voices of victim to be heard, not silencing them.


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LIRR Advisory from Assemblyman Montesano

Assemblyman Michael Montesano would like to inform Long Island residents of the upcoming track work and construction the LIRR will be performing between the Hicksville and Ronkonkoma stations as part of the Double Track Project. The work will take place over three weekends:


Saturday, April 28, 12:30 a.m. – Monday, April 30, 12:30 a.m.

Saturday, May 5, 12:30 a.m. – Monday, May 7, 12:30 a.m.

Saturday, May 19, 12:30 a.m. – Monday, May 21, 12 :30 a.m.


Additional outages will occur from June to August, and the LIRR will provide more details on closures at that time.


During the construction the weekend of April 28 – 30, from Farmingdale through Ronkonkoma, a switch will be removed and a track will be realigned west of the Central Islip station and east of Carleton Avenue. The south platform of the Central Islip station will be out of service from April 28 through May 4, so commuters must use the north platform. After the south platform re-opens, the north platform will be closed for construction from May 5 through July 20. Construction will continue at the Wyandanch station and track and signal work will continue between the Farmingdale and Deer Park stations.


Bus service will be provided for commuters who are traveling between Hicksville and Ronkonkoma, but customers are also encouraged to use the Babylon line as an alternative. Customers taking buses should expect up to 46 minutes of additional travel time going eastbound and to board buses up to 46 minutes earlier than usual going westbound.


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May 5: ‘I Love My Park’ Day

Assemblyman Michael Montesano is pleased to announce his support of the seventh annual I Love My Park Day on Saturday, May 5, 2018. This is a statewide event run by Parks & Trails New York in which New York’s parks and other historical sites are improved through cleanups and beautification by communities. Locally, the Bethpage State Park and Planting Fields Arboretum State Park will both have events on I Love My Park Day.


“With spring upon us, many of us are ready to get outside and start enjoying the nice weather and scenery,” said Montesano. “In order to ensure generations to come will be able to enjoy our parks, it is important for us to come together to keep them clean and beautiful. It is wonderful that we are able to have events like this, which not only help our environment but also bring our communities together.”


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Montesano Proposes Elevating Crime of Leaving Accident Scene to Felony

Assemblyman Michael Montesano announces his co-sponsorship of a bill (A.6164) which would make leaving the scene of an accident, that results in personal injury, without reporting it, currently a class A misdemeanor, a class E felony.


“No matter what the circumstances which cause an accident, avoiding the repercussions you might face is not worth risking someone else’s life,” said Montesano. “The repercussions will only be worse should you leave the scene of an accident. Other parties involved may need medical assistance and be unable to call for help, which is why it is so dangerous to leave the scene and not report what happened. This is why I support raising the penalties against those who leave the scene of an accident. While it might be a rash decision that they later regret, they still decided not getting in trouble is more important than someone else’s life. It is sad that we have to create harsher penalties to encourage people to stay on-scene and call for help, but if it’s what we have to do in order to protect our communities it must be done. There is almost nothing worse than a coward with little concern for other human life.”


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