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Ra Presents Scholarship to Help Local Softball Player Attend College

Italian-American Day

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) and Assemblyman Michael DenDekker (D-East Elmhurst) presented Marissa Nicoletti with a check for a $3,000 scholarship from the New York Conference of Italian-American State Legislators on Italian-American Day in Albany on Tuesday, June 5.

Assemblyman Ed Ra is pleased to announce the recipient of this year’s Sen. John J. Marchi Memorial Athletic Scholarship as Marissa Nicoletti, a senior at H. Frank Carey High School in Franklin Square. The $3,000 scholarship is offered yearly by the New York Conference of Italian American State Legislators to high school students who show a passion for athletics and dedication to their academics, among other requirements. Marissa has been playing softball for almost a decade and is on her school’s kickline team.


“I am proud to present this scholarship to Marissa, who is as equally dedicated to her academics as she is to her athletics,” said Ra. “I have no doubt she will continue to show this type of dedication in college, where she will be playing softball for a NCAA Division II team while in a five-year program to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to teach math to special education students. She is truly an inspiring individual.”


Marissa was granted early acceptance into Molloy College after being recruited for its softball team. At Molloy, Marissa will be in a five-year program to receive her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Childhood Math Special Education for grades 1 through 6.


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Ra, Local Students Send Appreciation Letters to the Military

Heart for Heroes campaignAssemblyman Ed Ra was pleased to partner with students from the Mineola and Carle Place school districts for his annual Heart for Heroes campaign in honor of Memorial Day. The campaign asked students to write letters thanking active and retired members of the military for their service. Over 500 letters were collected to be included in care packages distributed by Operation Gratitude to U.S. Service Members deployed overseas. Operation Gratitude’s mission is to lift the spirts and morale of our military and first responder communities.


“Everyday members of the military risk their lives and give up time with their loved ones to protect us,” said Ra. “I hope these letters of gratitude and appreciation will bring smiles to their faces. It is uplifting to see so many children and young adults eager to thank the dedicated and hard-working men and women of our military. Operation Gratitude is a wonderful program, which has already sent over 2 million care packages to currently-deployed members of our military, new recruits, veterans and first responders. I am so happy our community was able to come together with this organization for such a positive campaign. I look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.”


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Montesano: We Should Help Victims’ Voices Be Heard, Not Silence Them

Assemblyman Michael Montesano is pleased to announce his co-sponsorship of a bill (A.10692) which would require the parole board to consider testimony from victims and other members of the community during parole hearings by amending both the executive and criminal procedure laws.


“The voices of victims deserve to be heard, especially when the person who negatively impacted their lives is up for parole,” said Montesano. “Currently, the parole board doesn’t take into consideration how the victims or public will be affected by the release of an offender. By not taking into consideration their testimonies, we are essentially telling them what they went through doesn’t matter. As a lawyer and former law enforcement official, I feel we should be continuing to help the voices of victim to be heard, not silencing them.


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Assemblyman Curran Appointed To Commission To Select New Attorney General

Last week, Assemblyman Brian Curran was selected to represent the Assembly Minority on the commission to vet and select a new attorney general for New York state. In total, eight members of the Legislature will be on the commission.


“The circumstances surrounding the assembling of this commission are unfortunate, to say the least,” said Curran. “The former attorney general is accused of heinous acts against women, acts we cannot, nor will we tolerate from anyone, least of all the state’s top law enforcement official. It is this committee’s task to vet candidates wishing to fill this critical role and select a qualified candidate who will represent all New Yorkers while upholding the laws and ideals of New York state. I take my appointment to this committee very seriously, and I will be working very diligently with my colleagues to select the best possible candidate for New York state attorney general.”


This commission, set to start meetings this week, was assembled after the resignation of former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in the wake of multiple accusations of domestic violence against former love interests.


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Ra Helps Seniors Avoid Healthcare Fraud and Scams

Assemblyman Ed Ra was pleased to host a Healthcare Fraud Seminar on Saturday, April 28 at the Mineola Memorial Library. The event featured special guest speaker John Rotondi, a certified senior Medicare patrol educator. During the seminar a variety of topics were discussed including, Medicare cards rollout, scams and frauds related to Medicare cards, how to spot potential fraud and how to protect oneself from these scams and frauds.


“The fact that there are people out there trying to take advantage of the elderly is appalling,” said Ra. “I am pleased we had the opportunity to help some of the senior population learn how to avoid fraud or getting scammed so they can continue to enjoy their golden years. This is a program that I will support and host for many years to come.”


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Assemblyman Ed Ra Community Shred and Shed Event a Success

Community Shred and Shed EventAssemblyman Ed Ra is pleased to announce the success of his Shed and Shred event in which Nassau County residents dropped off expired or unwanted medication, e-cycled old electronics and shredded documents on Sunday, April 22. The event was hosted in conjunction with Sen. Kemp Hannon, the Town of Hempstead Special Sanitation District #6 and Carey Dad’s Club. Eleven bags of medication and six sharps containers were collected along with numerous documents shredded.


“Disposing of unwanted or expired medication improperly can lead to a number of issues,” said Ra. “If you flush it down the toilet or pour it down a drain it can pollute the water we use for drinking, bathing and cooking. If you simply toss medication out in the garbage, other people can get their hands on it and misuse it. It is important to hold events like this to help the community understand these issues and provide a safe alternative. I am thrilled to have added document shredding this year and e-cycling, as many people may not have access to a shredder or know what to do with the piles of electronics collecting dust in their closets. I hope to continue this program for many years to come to offer these services to our community.”


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McDonough Announces Success of Men’s Health Clinic in Merrick

Several dozen constituents joined Assemblyman Dave McDonough at the Merrick Library recently for his annual prostate cancer screening event held in conjunction with Integrated Medical Foundation. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, with an estimated 164,690 new cases that will be diagnosed in 2018. The event is part of McDonough’s yearly series of free health seminars that include a memory screening and blood drive.


“I was pleased at the high attendance and the willingness of so many individuals to come out and get screened to protect themselves and their loved ones’ future,” McDonough said. “Prostate cancer is quite common among men but early detection is the key to surviving this disease. I look forward to holding more health seminars like this, and I am encouraged that so many of our neighbors will do what is necessary to live long and healthy lives.”


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Bullying Doesn’t Stop When Our Children Come Home

An Opinion Piece from Assemblywoman Melissa Miller


“The rate at which young adults and children are being bullied in today’s world is unfortunately at an all-time high. The reason? Unlike years ago, the bullying doesn’t stop when our children come home from school. The bullies can now follow them home, harassing through texting or the many social media websites and apps that so many of our children are intertwined with. Taking away our children’s phones and making them deactivate their accounts isn’t going to help. That is punishing them for someone else’s wrongs and can worsen the situation by making them feel like outsiders, giving the bullies something else to pick on. The youth of today can also be ruthless, picking on anyone who is even the slightest bit different from them. This makes things extremely difficult for individuals with disabilities.


“So how do we fix the bullying problem? It starts with the older generation, whether you are a parent, guardian or just a significant adult in a child’s life, you can help. By being reliable and responding to situations of bullying swiftly every time, you can help teach the younger generation that this isn’t acceptable behavior, and research has shown this approach to be effective over time. Kids also rarely ask for help because they want to be independent and think asking an adult for help could make things worse. This is not a kids-will-be-kids situation; we need to teach them they can’t treat their peers like this.


“We shouldn’t be shushing our children when they ask about an individual with a disability, rather, we should explain to them that some people are different, which is okay. By teaching our youth about the different types of disabilities that are out there, we are helping our communities become more understanding, accepting and inclusive.


“There are warning signs that your child is being bullied that you can look out for. If your child or a child you know has a change in eating habits, problems sleeping, slipping grades, injuries they refuse to explain how they got, is constantly losing personal property or having it be destroyed without explanation, avoiding social situations or taking part in self-destructive behaviors, they could be a victim of bullying.


“But these aren’t the only signs we should be looking out for. There are children out there doing the bullying, so while it might be difficult to admit, your child or a child you know may be bullying others. Signs that your child might be a bully include increasing aggressiveness, getting into verbal or physical fights frequently, blaming others for their own problems, sudden acquisition of money or new possessions, constant trips to the principal’s office or refusing to accept accountability for their actions. If you think your kid might be a bully, don’t be ashamed. Take action and try to help your child learn why bullying others is wrong. There are so many resources available to help; it’s time for us to start using them to help our children lead better lives.


“Our children look up to us and it is our duty to teach them the difference between right and wrong. As much as we want to be friends with our kids, we are first and foremost their parents and must behave as such. They look to us as role models and for guidance, so to ensure they have the best life possible, we must teach them to treat others with respect and kindness. Choose kind!”


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Legislator Nicolello Honors New Troop 298 Eagle Scout

Boy Scout Troop 298Gregory Burger of Boy Scout Troop 298 was recently recognized at an Eagle Court of Honor ceremony in honor of achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. Gregory’s achievement is the culmination of years of commitment, effort and preparation. Gregory’s parents are very active in Troop 298 and his father serves as Scoutmaster.


Gregory’s Eagle Scout project involved cleaning, repairing, and refurbishing two closets in the Holy Spirit Church cafeteria.


Shown in photo above, left to right: Ann Burger, Eagle Scout Gregory Burger, Troop 298 Scoutmaster Rainer Burger, and Nassau County Presiding Officer Richard J. Nicolello.


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Assemblywoman Miller Introduces Teen Founder of Anti-Bullying Nonprofit

Sydney BrettAssemblywoman Melissa Miller (R,C,Ref-Atlantic Beach) was pleased to welcome and introduce Sydney Brett, a Long Beach High School junior, and her family to members of the Assembly on Monday, April 23. Last year Sydney, who has been physically and verbally bullied, launched a nonprofit called Sydney’s Smiles, which aims to help children, young adults, parents and teachers put an end to bullying with the proper education, resources and tools. Having dyslexia, Sydney also hopes the organization will help eliminate the negative stereotypes associated with having a disability that isn’t outwardly obvious to others. Sydney also holds the USA National Miss title of New York Junior Teen among girls between the ages of 13 and 15.


“Bullying is becoming an increasing problem in today’s world, with technology giving bullies access to their victims around the clock,” said Miller. “It is wonderful to see someone like Sydney, who has been bullied herself, stand up against bullies and help others learn how to do so too. The fact that she is not only advocating to put an end to bullying, but also teaching others how they can help by fostering an environment that promotes acceptance and inclusion, is fantastic. Not all disabilities can be seen on the surface, and eliminating the stereotypes that come with them will help young adults feel more comfortable in their own skin. Sydney has taken something negative in her life and has overcome it to turn it into something positive by helping others. She is a winner and I am so proud to know such a strong and caring young woman as Sydney.”


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