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Senator Phillips Delivers 1,000+ Toys Donated By Residents to Children in NYU Winthrop Hospital

Senator Elaine Phillips recently delivered over 1,000 toys donated by residents of the 7th Senate district during her Holiday Toy Drive collaboration with NYU Winthrop Hospital. All donations from the toy drive benefit the Child Life Program at NYU Winthrop, which is dedicated to helping sick children and their families understand and cope with being hospitalized.


“It was wonderful to see the holiday spirit of giving on full display and to witness the excitement of the children at NYU Winthrop Hospital when they were presented with the donated gifts,” Senator Elaine Phillips said. “Thank you to NYU Winthrop Hospital and to all those who donated to our Holiday Toy Drive – your generosity was remarkable and undoubtedly made the holidays a little brighter for many children.”


“Words can’t begin to express the appreciation we feel towards the generosity of both Senator Phillips and members of the community who participate in an initiative that that will undoubtedly put smiles on our patients’ faces the whole year through,” said Nicole Almeida, MS, CCLS, Director of the Child Life Program at NYU Winthrop Hospital.


Twelve local schools, six libraries and residents from across the 7th Senate District collected and donated toys to Senator Phillips’ drive, including:


  • Carle Place High School
  • Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School
  • East Hills Elementary School
  • Elmont Memorial High School
  • Floral Park-Bellorse Elementary School
  • Great Neck North Middle Schools
  • Hillside Grade School
  • Manhasset Secondary School
  • Polk Street Elementary School
  • Rushmore Elementary School
  • Willets Road School
  • Little Sponges Daycare
  • East Williston Library
  • Franklin Square Public Library
  • Hillside Public Library
  • Port Washington Public Library
  • Shelter Rock Public Library
  • Williston Public Library


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Strengthening Of New York’s Sexual Harassment Laws Proposed

In the wake of a tidal wave of allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct sweeping the country, Senator Elaine Phillips (R – 7th S.D.) and Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I – 57th S.D.) have proposed landmark legislation that would strengthen New York State’s sexual harassment laws. The measure would enact sweeping new protections for victims including banning secret settlements, establishing a statutory definition of sexual harassment, and expanding the law to protect independent contractors. The measure represents the most significant statewide initiative on the issue in decades.


“Our nation is at a defining moment with respect to the issue of sexual harassment. In the last two months, dozens of courageous individuals have come forward to share painful stories of harassment and abuse they suffered at the hands of those in positions of power. Nearly all of these women and men have been silent for years, either as a result of intimidation by their abusers, or because of the humiliation associated with the abuse – or a combination of both. With each new revelation, our shock grows at the apparent pervasiveness of this problem along with our resolve to take action,” said Senator Young.


“There is no place in our government, or society as a whole, for sexual assault or harassment. It is inspiring to see the movement of women across our country coming forward, sharing their personal stories, and overcoming the stigma and shame brought on by the inappropriate actions of others. The dialogue must continue and as elected officials we must do all possible, to protect those who have been forced to carry the burden of harassment out of fear for their future,” said Senator Phillips.


“This landmark legislation aims to punish abusers, prevent harassment, and further protect all victims. I applaud the courageous women who have come forward to share their difficult stories and hope this bravery will aid them with their personal healing process,” she added.


“It is important to remember that for each individual who has come forward in the last two months, there are thousands of others who have also been the victims of sexual harassment. While the celebrities’ stories make headlines, the reality is that individuals in low-wage service occupations such as restaurant wait staff and sales clerks have the highest incidence of sexual harassment,” said Senator Young.


“While harassment can take many forms, from innuendo to outright assault, it cannot and must not be tolerated, at any level. As a society and as a state, we need to step forward to protect people from the discrimination and degradation of sexual harassment and abuse. Bringing this issue out of the darkness and into the light is the first step towards addressing this problem. The other component involves changing our laws to help prevent harassment, punish abusers and protect victims,” she added.


The legislation co-sponsored by Senator Phillips and Senator Young would include the provisions below.


Prohibit secret settlements. To help discourage serial predators, this measure would prohibit courts from accepting any settlements that include confidentiality agreements or provisions. This would help ensure that those responsible are held accountable while providing employers with a greater incentive to institute strong anti-harassment policies and build a workplace culture that discourages such behavior.


“As the Harvey Weinstein case and others have highlighted, serial predators often use confidential settlements to silence their victims and protect their reputations, leaving them free to harass others. In order to affect real and lasting change, these settlements must be removed from the equation,” said Senator Young.


Prohibit mandatory arbitration for sexual harassment complaints. Mandatory arbitration clauses are often used by employers to force sexual harassment victims into private arbitration proceedings, which precludes their ability to seek legal action.


“Mandatory arbitration clauses, much like confidential settlements, are intended to keep sexual harassment incidents under wraps, shielding the company, and often the offender, from negative publicity. Eliminating these clauses is necessary to ensure that justice is served and that these offenses aren’t hidden from view,” said Senator Young.


Expand the definition of “employer” to include those who employ independent contractors. Currently, individuals who are freelance or contract workers cannot file sexual harassment complaints against the enterprises or individuals who have employed their services. This includes a broad and growing range of businesses, including entertainment companies, news and media organizations, construction firms, real estate agencies, and hair salons, among many others. The Government Accountability Office has placed the percentage of freelance and contract workers at approximately 40 percent of the workforce.


This legislation would close this loophole by extending to contract workers the same right to file sexual harassment complaints as individuals who are directly employed by the company or entity.


“Many of the actresses who’ve made allegations against Harvey Weinstein had no legal recourse because they were ‘independent contractors’ working on films his studio was producing. Under this bill, those women, and individuals in any independent working arrangement, would be eligible to file sexual harassment complaints, rightly having access to a process for redress,” said Senator Phillips.


Adopt the definition of “sexual harassment” into state law. Although the NYS Division of Human Rights has a definition it uses administratively, there is currently no definition in statute of what constitutes sexual harassment. That leaves litigants subject to varying interpretations by judges, who may improperly dismiss sexual harassment cases at the outset. One study found that approximately 37 percent of cases are dismissed pretrial.


“Establishing a definition in state law offers protection for everyone involved in sexual harassment cases. With a consistent standard to evaluate claims, the subjectivity is removed, providing a clear benchmark for evaluating the merits of a case. This will benefit both claimants and the accused,” said Senator Young.


“Behind the revelations of recent weeks are real people – women and men who bear emotional scars from the harassment they endured and from the burden of remaining silent for so long. Yet, their stories and experiences have provoked a long-overdue national dialogue on sexual harassment and will lead to important changes in our laws. I am grateful for their courage and Senator Phillips and I will fight to ensure this legislation becomes law,” Senator Young concluded.


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Phillips Announces $3 million in Local Funding from Regional Economic Development Council

Senator Elaine Phillips  announced that 10 job creation and community development projects in the 7th Senate District will receive critically important state funding through the seventh round of Regional Economic Development Council awards.


“Funding for these crucial projects will strengthen our local economy, create jobs and expand innovative cultural programs in our communities,” Senator Elaine Phillips said. “It has been a pleasure to collaborate with groups throughout Nassau County, including leaders in business, education, local governments, economic development and planning, to develop a list of job creation projects that achieve our goals of generating jobs and building a strong foundation for future growth.”


A total of $755 million was awarded statewide, with Long Island receiving $84.3 million for 98 projects.


The following projects in the 7th Senate District will receive more than $3 million in funding from the second round of the Regional Economic Development Council program:


County Project Project Title Amount
Nassau Incorporated Village of Manorhaven Sewer Infrastructure Upgrades Project $30,000
Nassau NYU Winthrop Hospital Certified Professional Coder Training $100,000
Nassau Oerlikon Metco, Co, Inc. Oerlikon Metco, Co, Inc. $100,000
Nassau Old Westbury Gardens Inc. Westbury House Roof Restoration $500,000
Nassau Spectronics Corporation Electrical Equipment and Appliance manufacturing Skills Training $39,623
Nassau The Feinstein Institute at Northwell Health Computational Genomics Center at Feinstein Institute for Medical Research $1,600,000
Nassau Town of Hempstead Department of Occupational Resources Hempstead Works Career Pathways 7.0 $99,988
Nassau Town of North Hempstead Hempstead Harbor Shoreline Trail $450,000
Nassau Town of Oyster Bay The Workforce Partnership Medical Training Program $100,000
Nassau/Suffolk Long Island Traditions Connected Waters Heroes of the Harbors $51,000


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Senator Elaine Phillips Awards New York State Senate Liberty Medal To Great Neck Teen

Oliver ReinSenator Elaine Phillips recently presented Oliver Rein, a 16-year-old Great Neck junior firefighter, with the New York State Senate’s Liberty medal, one of the highest civilian honors a New York resident can receive.


Earlier this year, Oliver extricated two injured individuals from a vehicle after the car had crashed into a tree.


“Oliver Rein embodies all of the characteristics of true hero: courage, bravery and selflessness,” Senator Elaine Phillips said. “Without hesitation, instead of running away or calling for help, Oliver ran toward the danger to ensure the driver and passenger received the care they needed. It was my pleasure to award Oliver with the much-deserved New York State Senate Liberty Medal for his tremendous act of heroism.”


Senator Phillips also presented a formal New York State Proclamation to David Adler, a Great Neck resident, who assisted Oliver in carrying the two people to safety.


Oliver and David were walking along Middle Neck Road in August when a car came speeding around a bend and crashed into a tree. Without hesitation, even though the car was smoking and sparking, Oliver, a two-year junior firefighter with the Great Neck Alert Volunteer Fire Company, ran to the car and pried open the crushed door. When he opened the door, he saw a motionless male driver in his 20s covered in blood. Unsure if the driver was alive at first, Oliver made verbal contact, extricated the man from the car and kept him calm until assistance arrived. Oliver and David carried the man to safety and pulled out a second passenger as well.


The New York State Senate Liberty Medal is the highest civilian honor a State Senator can bestow on a New Yorker. It is awarded to citizens who have merited special commendation for their actions on behalf of their fellow New Yorkers and their community.


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Senator Phillips Joins North Shore Child-Family Guidance Center Officials Promoting Access to Mental Health Care

North Shore Child-Family Guidance CenterSenator Elaine Phillips joined North Shore Child-Family Guidance Center officials at a news conference today to promote the importance of affordable and timely mental health care for all New York residents. . The news conference unveiled results to “Project Access,” a study conducted by the center that explores roadblocks individuals face when trying to obtain mental health and addiction care.


“Timely and affordable mental health and addiction care should be accessible to anyone in need.” Senator Elaine Phillips said. “I applaud the North Shore Child-Family Guidance Center for its unwavering support and dedicated work to raise awareness of a problem that has affected far too many middle and working class families on Long Island. ‘Project Access,’ the Center’s recent study, sheds much needed light on the obstacles individuals face when trying to obtain care for mental health illnesses and substance abuse problems.”


“Project Access” is an initiative to improve access to mental health and addictions care. Nearly 650 Long Islanders responded to the survey, with almost half of the respondents indicating that it was more difficult finding help for mental health or substance abuse problems than finding help for physical illnesses.


The North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center helps children and families address issues such as depression and anxiety, developmental delays, bullying, teen pregnancy, sexual abuse, teen drug and alcohol abuse, and family crises stemming from illness, death, trauma and divorce.


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Senator Elaine Phillips Tours TRI Business & Career Center

TRI Business & Career CenterSenator Elaine Phillips recently toured the TRI Business & Career Center in Westbury. The center assists individuals with disabilities in reaching their highest level of independence through vocational and educational services.


“We are extremely fortunate to have organizations such as TRI Business & Career Center who work directly in our communities, placing individuals with disabilities in internships and jobs and providing opportunities for independence and success in the workforce. Senator Elaine Phillips said. “Thank you to Andrew Cohen and the dedicated staff at TRI for inviting me to tour the facility. It was a pleasure to learn first-hand of the many wonderful programs and services offered.”


The center offers a business and trade school program, a transition services program for young adults and other opportunities for people with disabilities to obtain internships and jobs. These services are designed to assist an individual in identifying personal and professional goals and include vocational assessment, counseling, training, remediation, day habilitation, production, and support services


TRI collaborates with the Town of North Hempstead’s “Project Independence” initiative, which provides light maintenance and cleaning services to aging residents of the Town, in an effort to ensure a safe and clean environment for those who wish to remain in their own homes. The company also manufactures and sells environmentally friendly cleaning products.


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Senator Phillips, NYU Winthrop Hospital to Host Holiday Toy Drive for Young Patients in Need

Toy DriveSenator Elaine Phillips is partnering with NYU Winthrop Hospital on a Holiday Toy Drive that will collect new, unwrapped toys for children in need.


“With the holiday season here, I am pleased to announce that I am partnering with NYU Winthrop Hospital to host a Holiday Toy Drive for children in need,” Senator Elaine Phillips said. “Long Islanders have a long-standing tradition of helping those less fortunate, and I encourage anyone who is able to please donate to our drive to share the holiday spirit with local children in need. ”


“Words can’t begin to express the appreciation we feel towards the generosity of both Senator Phillips and members of the community who participate in an initiative that that will undoubtedly put smiles on our patients’ faces the whole year through,” said Nicole Almeida, MS, CCLS, Director of the Child Life Program at NYU Winthrop Hospital.


Donations from the toy drive will benefit the Child Life Program at NYU Winthrop, which is dedicated to helping children understand and cope with the hospital experience. Certified Child Life Specialists utilize therapeutic play, arts and craft, and other diversions to ensure that the hospital experience is as stress-free as possible for children and their families. A vital program across the full spectrum of inpatient, outpatient and emergency services at NYU Winthrop, Child Life is supported in its entirety by philanthropic contributions.


Donations of new, unwrapped toys are currently being accepted now through December 15 at Senator Phillips’ Mineola office located at 252 Mineola Boulevard in Mineola. For questions, please call 516-746-5924 or email


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New Bills to Ease Transition for Students with Disabilities after High School, Remove Paperwork Burden from Schools

Senator Carl L. Marcellino announces his legislation that improves the transition for students with disabilities between high school and adult services was signed into law (Chapter 428) by the Governor. The new law took effect on November 29, 2017.


“This legislation will make sure students with disabilities seamlessly transfer from high school to appropriate social services,” said Marcellino. “We need to ensure that our students are given the appropriate services when they leave high school.


This law would allow representatives from the Office of Mental Health, Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, or the Department of Education to participate in the annual review meeting. This will improve the provision of proper transitional services to students who are aging out of the educational system and into the adult social services system.


The Governor also signed into law Senator Marcellino’s legislation that removes the need to apply to the State Department of Education to evaluate preschool students (Chapter 429). The new law took effect on November 29, 2017.


“This legislation will save time and money for our School Districts,” said Marcellino. “If a school has a properly certified staff, there should be no need to apply to the Department of Education.”


This law would remove the requirement for School Districts to apply to the Department of Education to evaluate preschool students. The law ensures that the evaluators are appropriately licensed or certified.


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Senator Elaine Phillips Hosts Beach Cleanup at Sands Point Preserve

Sands Point PreserveSenator Elaine Phillips recently hosted a post-Thanksgiving beach cleanup and family nature walk event at the Sands Point Preserve.


“Thank you to all of those who took time out their busy holiday weekend to attend our Sands Point Preserve beach cleanup and family nature walk,” said Senator Elaine Phillips. “Protecting and preserving our environment is paramount, and I was pleased to see generations of families participating in the event,” Senator Elaine Phillips said.


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Marcellino Announces Legislation Addressing Water Bill Spikes

Senator Carl L. Marcellino announced that he has introduced a bill to address the dramatically high water bill spikes that have affected customers of New York American Water on Long Island.


In May 2017, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) granted New York American Water a rate increase for the next four consecutive years. These increases range from 1 percent to as high as 9.6 percent.


The combination of a draconian rate increase and the practice of passing the companies taxes on to the backs of their ratepayers has created a dramatic spike in water bills. Residents who live in private water utility serviced areas have no choice in their water provider. These customers deserve to receive the same benefit that customers of municipally owned water districts enjoy.


“People can’t pick and choose their water provider. Municipally owned water customers are not burdened by property taxes, the same should hold true for private water utility customers. By eliminating the property tax on private water utilities, customers’ bills will be reduced dramatically,” said Senator Carl L. Marcellino.


New York American Water is a private company that services 120,000 households and businesses in Nassau County. Unlike public water utilities in New York State, private water utilities pay property taxes and pass that expense to their customers in their water bills.


This legislation (S6949) will create parity between public water utilities and private water utilities by exempting real estate owned by private water-works corporations from taxation.


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