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New Hyde Park Fire Department Installs 2018 Officers

New Hyde Park Fire Department Installation DinnerNassau County Presiding Officer Rich Nicolello joined with other elected officials to congratulate ex-Chief Ann Mulloly at the New Hyde Park Fire Department Installation Dinner. Ex-Chief Mullooly, the first female Chief of the Department, was honored for her distinguished service. Brian Sherwood was installed as the new Chief. Brian served two prior terms as Chief, before taking up the reins of leadership again.


Pictured above (left to right) are Incoming Chief of the New Hyde Park Fire Department Brian Sherwood, Presiding Officer Nicolello, Outgoing Chief of the New Hyde Park Fire Department Ann Mullooly, Village of New Hyde Park Trustee Richard Pallisco, and New York State Assemblyman Edward Ra.


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Presiding Officer Nicolello Honors Albertson Fire Co. Ex-Chief, Former Company President

Albertson Fire CompanyEx-Chief Joel Melamed and outgoing Company President Anthony Bellisari were honored by Presiding Officer Richard J. Nicolello for their distinguished service at the Albertson Fire Company installation dinner. The new Chief Jay Janowitz, and new Company President Daniel Chin along with the assistant chiefs and company officers were installed during the evening’s ceremonies.


Pictured above (left to right) are Outgoing Chief Joel Melamed, Presiding Officer Nicolello, and outgoing Company President Anthony Bellisari.


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Presiding Officer Nicolello Votes for Enhanced Sexual Harassment Training

Nassau County Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello and the Rules Committee of the Nassau County Legislature recently approved legislation requiring all Nassau County employees to undergo sexual harassment training. The legislation also requires all employees to be retrained on the County’s sexual harassment policy each year they are employed. This proactive legislation aims to remove any ambiguity by teaching what conduct is and is not appropriate.


“There is no place for abuse or harassment anywhere, let alone the workplace,” said Presiding Officer Nicolello. “We strive to maintain a safe environment for all our workers in Nassau County, and given the reports of sexual harassment in media and government elsewhere, it is appropriate to update our training protocol in Nassau.”


The Rules Committee also passed legislation prohibiting business property owners or their contractors from shoveling snow onto a county road. This will allow snow plows to operate more easily, which makes the roads safer for pedestrians and motorists.


Finally, the Rules Committee passed two items aimed at helping those who have given so much to the community. The first extends discounts for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums to retired auxiliary police, volunteer firefighters, and volunteer ambulance corps. The discount would apply to the Nassau County Leisure Pass, entrance to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, and other Nassau County parks fees. The second item extends the Cold War Veterans Exemption. Previously, the exemption expired after ten years. Now, the exemption is extended for as long as the veteran is the owner of the qualifying property. Additionally, the maximum amount of the exemption was increased from $50,000 to $75,000.


All of this legislation will be considered by the full Nassau County Legislature on Monday, March 26, 2018.


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Presiding Officer Nicolello Honors May O’Boyle Deegan as Woman of Distinction

May O’Boyle DeeganAt the 20th Annual Nassau County Legislature’s “Women of Distinction Awards”, Presiding Officer Richard J. Nicolello honored May O’Boyle Deegan for her tireless leadership in the community and county and for her many years of dedicated service in promoting and preserving Irish culture and heritage.


May, a first-generation Irish-American, born and raised in Queens, New York, moved to Garden City Park in 1991 with her husband Tommy and daughter Melanie. She was President of the Irish American Society of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, where she ably led one of the area’s foremost Irish-American organizations. May was a dynamic and dedicated leader, and also served as Grand Marshall of the St. Patrick’s Day parade.


May has also run numerous Irish dancing competitions for various organizations in the community and is the proud owner of a small business, Feis Head, where she sells accessories for Irish dance competitions.


May was a Girl Scout leader in Garden City Park and has taught Religious Education at both Notre Dame and Holy Spirit. She is also a member of the Holy Spirit Pastoral Council, festival committee, website manager and a Eucharistic Minister.


Legislator Nicolello stated: “May is a selfless leader who consistently gives of her time and talent to serve. It is my great privilege to honor May as a true Woman of Distinction and proud daughter of Ireland.


Pictured above (left to right) are Thomas Deegan, Madge O’Boyle, Honoree May O’Boyle-Deegan, and Presiding Officer Nicolello.


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Mineola Lions Club Sponsors Guide Dog ‘Senator’

Senator the Guide DogThe Edward Smith Mineola Lions Club recently bestowed a great honor upon Presiding Officer Nicolello. A guide dog that was sponsored by the Mineola Lions Club recently “graduated” from the Guide Dog Foundation’s training program (for more information, please see At the request of the Mineola Lions Club, the guide dog was named “Senator,” which is the club’s nickname for Legislator Nicolello, who is the club’s 1st Vice President. Nicolello was very honored.


The guide dogs undergo extensive training, and once their training is complete, provide persons with visual and other impairments the means to retain their mobility and independence. Dogs that do not “graduate” from the guide dog program are re-assigned as service dogs for individuals with various needs. Senator has found a home with Pamela Bilyeu, a hearing impaired woman from Wisconsin.


Pictures above are Guide Dog Instructor Daniel McCarthy, Lion Bruce Chester, Guide Dog Field Rep Douglas Wiggin, Pamela Bilyeu, Guide Dog Instructors Mark Briganti and Maria Nuzzi, Legislator Nicolello, and Senator.


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Nicolello Secures $300,000 To Ensure Residents Christopher Morley Park Are Not Left In The Dark

Nassau County Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello secured funding for necessary upgrades to the lighting in Christopher Morley Park. These environmentally friendly upgrades will both increase public safety in the park and energy efficiency.


“Energy efficient LED lighting will replace the existing outdated system.” said Presiding Officer Nicolello. “In addition to reducing operating cost, the new lighting will provide better illumination thus benefitting the users of the park by improving safety.”


There are many structural issues with the existing lighting system, rendering some areas of the park left completely in the dark, presenting a hazard for users. As part of the renovations, new light poles fitted with energy efficient LED fixtures will be installed.


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Legislature Approves Cedarmere Grant

Estate of William Cullen BryantPresiding Officer Richard Nicolello and members of the Nassau County Legislature’s Rules Committee renewed their commitment to keeping Nassau County one of the most beautiful places to live and to play. Having authorized a grant agreement for Friends of Cedarmere, Inc., not to exceed $50,000, they ensured the maintenance of the historic Roslyn Harbor Estate of William Cullen Bryant. The estate and preserve, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.


“We must protect our green spaces and our history.” said Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello. “I strongly encourage all our residents to make the time and spend an afternoon exploring the preserve and the house of William Cullen Bryant as well as our other beautiful local areas.”


The grant money will be used for necessary continued upkeep of the property, including restoration of the main house, the mill, the ice house, roof repairs, masonry, landscaping, and painting. This measure will be before the full Legislature for a vote February 26, 2018.


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Presiding Officer Nicolello Announces Refunds for Overtaxed Nassau Residents

Nassau County Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello joined with County Executive Laura Curran, Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen, Town of Hempstead Receiver of Taxes Donald X. Clavin, and his colleagues from the Nassau County Legislature to announce that residents who were recently overtaxed due to a budget error by Nassau County will be receiving refunds. It was discovered that an error in former County Executive Mangano’s budget caused residents in five Nassau villages to be overcharged by Nassau County on their 2018 property tax bills. The error caused a small, countywide sewer tax increase to be levied only on some homeowners in Rockville Centre, Hempstead, Freeport, Garden City and Mineola at a much higher rate.


“We were alerted to the issue and have taken swift action to fix it,” said Presiding Officer Nicolello. “Our legislation will make sure the affected residents are made whole. This is an issue that we can correct, and will correct.”


The Legislature’s Rules Committee passed legislation allowing the county to issue refunds to residents who have already paid their 2018 taxes, and the error will be corrected for those paying their taxes later this year. The legislation, which has bipartisan support, must next pass through a meeting of the Full Legislature.


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Presiding Officer Nicolello Proposes Legislation to Streamline Process for Veterans Treatment Court

 Nassau County Veterans Treatment CourtNassau County Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello joined with Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder and Members of the Republican caucus to announce proposed legislation to aid local veterans.


The proposed measure will correct for the absence of an identifier designating veteran status on police records. Checking the box for this vital identifier ensures a veteran’s case be potentially directed to Nassau County’s Veterans Treatment Court and will possibly enable the receipt of other necessary veterans’ services.


“Honoring our Veterans means not only recognizing the tremendous sacrifices they have made, but respecting the hardships military members often face,” said Presiding Officer Nicolello, “The goal of this measure is to ensure veterans be appropriately identified in the criminal justice system and have access to critical services”.


“It is imperative that we help our veterans who may be struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues as a result of their service,” said Police Commissioner Ryder. “Having this identifier as part of our law enforcement records ensures that veterans charged with non-violent misdemeanor offenses get the services that they so rightly earned and deserve.”


The Nassau County Veterans Treatment Court was established to assist veterans arrested and charged with non-violent, misdemeanor offenses stemming from combat related mental health and substance abuse issues. Currently, there is no framework to identify Veteran status necessary to streamline a veteran towards this Court and other services.


Pictured above (left to right) are Nassau County Legislators Howard J. Kopel and C. William Gaylor III, Nassau Veterans Service Agency Director Ralph Esposito, Legislator John R. Ferretti, Jr., Presiding Officer Nicolello and Legislator Tom McKevitt.


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Presiding Officer Nicolello Proudly Announces Islanders Return to Nassau Coliseum

Islanders Return to Nassau ColiseumNassau County Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello joined with New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York Islanders co-owner John Ledecky, and other elected officials to announce that the New York Islanders will play at least 60 games over the next three seasons at NYCB Live’s Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum.


“This is a homecoming for the Islanders,” said Presiding Officer Nicolello. “This building is where the team became one of the most successful franchises in sports history, and Nassau County is where they belong.”


The Islanders will play a portion of their games at the NYCB Live Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum while an arena is being constructed at Belmont Park. The Islanders plan to play 12 regular season games at the Coliseum next year, and 48 regular and preseason games in the following two years. Governor Cuomo announced that New York State will contribute $6 million to upgrade the arena to better meet NHL standards.


Pictured above (left to right) are Islanders Captain John Tavares, Presiding Officer Nicolello, Islanders player Johnny Boychuk, and Islanders co-owner John Ledecky.


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