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Calling all Lifeguards! Hempstead Town Recruiting for 2017 Beach and Pool Season

Calling all lifeguards! If you or someone you know is looking for an exciting summer job with a top starting salary while having a chance to provide a special public service for local residents, Hempstead Town’s lifeguarding crew may be the right fit.


Supervisor Anthony J. Santino announced that the Town of Hempstead is actively recruiting lifeguards for the 2017 pool and beach season. Interested candidates can attend a screening program at Echo Park in West Hempstead on any one of the following three Saturdays: May 13th, May 20th and May 27th from 7AM to 9:30AM. Lifeguard salaries start at $15 per hour.


“We’re actively seeking to recruit lifeguards for our busy beach and pool seasons,” Santino said. “If you are looking for a great place to work this summer, consider joining our team of dedicated lifeguards.”


Candidates are asked to bring certification cards and a swim suit. Non certified persons will be considered for training. Lifeguard candidates must be at least 16 years of age and older. Employment is not guaranteed. The Town of Hempstead’s screening process includes evaluation of candidates in a 200-yard-swim.


The Town of Hempstead currently operates 22 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool. Four ocean beachfronts at Point Lookout, Lido, Lido West and Sands are also available to Town of Hempstead residents. Hewlett Point Park is the only Hempstead Town operated bay beach. Lifeguards who join the Town of Hempstead will join an award-winning team that has been recognized by the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA).


For more information regarding lifeguarding opportunities or to determine if your qualifications are suitable, please contact the Lifeguard Office at Echo Park Pool in West Hempstead at (516) 565-0508 or visit


“Lifeguarding is an excellent, well-paying summer job,” Santino said. “But most importantly, lifeguards keep our residents safe at our beautiful beaches and pools, and truly are key members of our town’s summer staff. We encourage eligible candidates to join our life-saving team.”


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Hempstead Town Clerk Officiates Valentine’s Day Weddings

Happy Couples Celebrate at Town Hall Chapel


There are many couples who dream of getting married on Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad, several Town of Hempstead couples were able to exchange vows on Cupid’s special day in the chapel at Hempstead Town Hall on Valentine’s Day.


“I was so proud and honored to perform wedding ceremonies and vow renewals for several couples on the most romantic day of the year,” stated Ahmad. “As our chapel was decorated with a festive arch and other Valentine’s Day décor, I am confident that our couples will remember this day as a truly wonderful experience for the rest of their lives.”


Ahmad welcomed 19 couples on Valentine’s Day (18 weddings, one vow renewal), and gifted red roses, Valentine’s cakes and champagne toasts (non-alcoholic) to each couple.


The Town Clerk also thanked Stew Leonard’s for providing floral arrangements, refreshments, champagne toasts (non-alcoholic) and other Valentine’s Day-themed decorations. What’s more, all couples who were married today were given a free gift to mark the special occasion.


The marriage section of the Hempstead Town Clerk’s office (Town Hall, 1st Floor, 1 Washington Street, Hempstead, NY 11550) is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8AM to 4:45PM, and Thursday from 8AM to 7PM. For inquiries, call (516) 812-3046 or email


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Hempstead Town Responds to First 2017 Winter Storm: Continues Plowing Operations, Announces Program Cancellations

Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino has been traveling roadways throughout the township, overseeing snow removal operations along local streets. The Supervisor has requested that residents remove cars from local roadways and has asked that travel be limited during periods of heavy snowfall.


“Our crews have already spread the town’s new ice-melting brine solution on roadways,” said Santino. “And, plow operators are working hard to keep streets safe and passable.”


Santino noted that this winter storm has given the town an opportunity to use its roadway brine de-icing system for the first time. The system utilizes a saltwater solution, which is more effective in melting snow and less costly when compared to traditional rock salt. Additionally, brine can be applied to streets up to 48 hours in advance of snowfall, which allowed the town to get a jump on the snowstorm, which was particularly important since snow accumulations began at the height of rush hour. Traditional rock salt can only be applied once snow begins to fall since cars tend to scatter the material to the side of the roadway if there is no snow to hold it in place.


Because of hazardous road conditions, town Parks Department programs and activities have been cancelled for Thursday February 9th. Echo Park and Newbridge Ice Arena are also closed.


Town sanitation services, including garbage and recycling pickup, will be suspended for Thursday in order for crews to focus on clearing snow from area streets. Collection will resume on residents’ next scheduled garbage and recycling pickup day.


All Senior Enrichment programs and transportation are cancelled for Thursday. Shopping transportation originally scheduled for Thursday for Cedarhurst, Oceanside and Uniondale/Merrick Senior Centers and Highlandia Rockville Centre and Highlandia Baldwin will be rescheduled to Friday at the same time. Town Senior Centers remain open.


The Town Clerk’s Senior ID Program at Salisbury Senior Center has been cancelled. The clerk’s office will also suspend its Thursday extended hours and will close at 4:45 p.m.


The Receiver of Taxes’ “Challenging Your Assessment” forums scheduled for 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Oceanside Public Library have been cancelled. Tax collections at the satellite tax offices at Rock Hall Museum and Levittown Hall will be suspended for Thursday and resume on Friday. The main tax office at 200 North Franklin Street in Hempstead will suspend its Thursday extended hours and remain open during normal business hours, closing at 4:45 p.m.


Santino renewed his call for residents to remove cars from local roads as the town’s snow removal operation continues. Snowplows can do a more effective job of clearing streets curb-to-curb when vehicles are not restricting full-street access. Further, the Supervisor has advised neighbors who are clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways to place snow on their property. Under no circumstances should snow be shovelled or blown from private property onto local roadways.


“Hempstead Town will be working to keep neighbors safe and roads clear as this winter storm hits our area,” said Santino. “We ask residents to help us by removing cars from roadways and by limiting car travel during peak snowfall periods.”


For up-to-date information, residents can visit the Town of Hempstead website at www.TOH.LI


Visit the Town of Hempstead website

Town to Use ‘Brine’ to De-Ice Roadways: Move Increases Effectiveness, Cuts Costs

Santino “Beets” Winter’s Wrath


As snowstorms appear to be threatening our area after a warm start to the winter season, Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino is prepared to “beet” the dangers of icy, snow-covered streets. Joined by Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilman Gary Hudes and Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, Santino announced that the town has installed a brine system to pre-treat roadways in advance of snow and ice storms. Brine is a mixture of salt and water, which is universally regarded as a more effective and less costly alternative to the use of rock salt in the treatment of icy roadways. The liquid ice melter is sprayed onto roadways by trucks that are equipped with fluid tanks, and the mixture can be made even more potent in the extreme cold by adding the juice of the venerable beet.


“I am eager to ‘beet’ the wrath of winter by employing the use of a brine system to treat icy roads,” said Santino. “This new initiative will be more thorough in melting ice, and it will save the town money in material and labor costs.”


Making the use of brine a more attractive alternative is the cost savings associated with it. Brine usage entails a 66-75 percent cost reduction factor over the use of rock salt. A conservative cost savings estimate could range as high as $290,000 during a substantial storm. What’s more, the fact that brine can be applied up to 48 hours prior to a storm will virtually eliminate the need to “pre-treat” roadways with salt using “overtime” hours. For example, a snowstorm occurring on a Saturday evening currently requires that the spreading of rock salt occur entirely on “overtime.” By contrast, the use of brine would make it possible for the town to apply brine on a Friday with the use of no “overtime.” In fact, the cost savings of applying brine without overtime has the potential to save up to $21,000 per storm.


The town’s brine system will create a mixture of approximately 80 percent water and 20 percent salt. Again, beet juice has been added to the mixture to “amp up” the formula. The system includes a mixing tank where the ingredients are blended and a holding tower where the brine is stored until it is dispensed into holding tanks on trucks equipped with brine sprayers. A computer system controls the mixture ratio, ensuring optimal results, and the system automatically refills the dispensing tower to keep pace with demand during heavy storms. The dispensing tower holds 5,000 gallons of brine. The system was supplied by Accubrine at a total cost of $90,000.


“The town’s brine system is an investment in safer roads during the winter,” commented Goosby. “I am looking forward to driving on streets that are less slick in the future.”


The Supervisor observed that the two primary benefits associated with the use of brine are reduced costs and increased effectiveness. The effectiveness of the salt water mixture is superior to rock salt usage due to two factors. First, the brine mixture adheres to roadways and is not easily dissipated. On the other hand, a portion of rock salt is scattered to the curbside as car tires toss the granules to the side of the road. Further, brine can be applied to roadways up to 48 hours in advance of a storm, immediately melting snow on all streets when the snowflakes begin to fall. Conversely, rock salt has to be applied once it starts to snow, meaning that the salt cannot start acting to melt snow on all roadways at the beginning of the storm.


“The town is going to be even more effective in melting snow and ice with its brine system,” said Hudes. “Being able to treat roadways early, before the snow starts to fall, will help local drivers tremendously.”


The town’s brine system will not immediately curtail the use of rock salt for roadway treatment as the administration gauges the effectiveness and efficiency of the program.


“I look forward to the town reviewing its new brine operation,” stated D’Esposito. “I am confident that we will see very positive results.”


“The use of a brine system is a ‘win-win’ scenario for motorists and taxpayers,” concluded Santino. “We will be clearing ice and snow from roads more quickly while saving taxpayers a substantial amount of money. Our new brine system will help us ‘beet’ the wrath of Mother Nature this winter.”


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Hempstead Town Invites Couples to Wed on Valentine’s Day at Town Hall

If you’re a couple looking to tie the knot, there’s no more romantic time than Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Town Clerk Nasrin Ahmad and her dedicated staff of marriage officers, residents can be married on February 14, 2017 in the beautiful courtroom at Hempstead Town Hall.


“Complete with great Valentine’s Day décor, flowers and an arch, Hempstead Town Hall will be a wonderful place at which our love-stricken residents can tie the knot,” stated Ahmad. “We encourage couples to join us on February 14th for a special day that they will never forget.”


Couples interested in participating in a town marriage ceremony must first apply for a marriage license, which must be done a minimum of 24 hours before their ceremony. To make an appointment for a marriage ceremony, couples must reserve a time slot by calling the Town Clerk’s Office at (516) 812-3046.


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Hempstead Township to Host African-American History Celebration, Feb. 7

Exciting Honorees, Speakers, Musical Performances


Supervisor Anthony J. Santino, Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby and the entire Hempstead Town Board will host a celebration of African-American history in the Nathan L.H. Bennett Pavilion at Town Hall on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 3 p.m. Hosted by the Town of Hempstead African-American History Celebration Committee, this inspirational program – themed “In Charge of Our Success” – will feature the presentation of prestigious town awards, powerful speeches and rousing musical performances.


“We are proud to mark African-American History Month with a great celebration at Town Hall, featuring some of the most popular and respected members of the Town of Hempstead’s African-American community,” stated Santino. “We invite all residents to join us at Town Hall on February 7, 2017.”


“I am proud to join with Supervisor Santino to host this wonderful event, highlighting the beautiful culture and heritage of African-Americans in the Town of Hempstead and across our great nation,” added Goosby. “We look forward to welcoming residents, congratulating our honorees and enjoying the inspirational speeches and musical performances during this celebration.”


Supervisor Santino and Senior Councilwoman Goosby will posthumously honor an oustanding individual who was a true trailblazer in the Long Island African-American community, with the presentation of the “Community Service Award.” What’s more, Santino and Goosby will present the “Town of Hempstead Rosa Parks Award” to a local resident who made history during World War II.


The African-American History Celebration will also feature a keynote address by the town-renowned Reverend Phillip McDowell of South Hempstead Baptist Church. Musical selections will be performed by Destined to Dance of Freeport. The event is being sponsored by Stop & Shop, All Island Transportation and OG’s Restaurant.


“I would like to thank the Town of Hempstead African-American History Celebration Committee and our dedicated sponsors for coordinating this great event,” concluded Santino. “Once again, we hope to see many friendly and familiar faces on February 7th at 3 p.m.”


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Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter Opens New Cattery

Facility Will Provide Added Space, Improved Quality of Life for Felines


The latest addition to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter is quickly becoming the “cat’s meow.” Supervisor Anthony J. Santino has announced the opening of a brand new cattery, where shelter cats will have additional room to stretch their legs and socialize with both feline and human companions.


“We are very proud to open this new cattery at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter,” stated Santino. “We are confident that this new facility will enhance the quality of life for our shelter cats and, in the long run, increase their chances of being adopted.”


The new cattery is 10 feet by 22 feet, and includes cat trees, scratching posts, toys and windowsills with views of the outdoors. All cats have access to food, clean water and litterboxes.


The cattery will benefit felines that are not completely comfortable in an enclosed space, allowing them to experience an environment much like that of a future adopter’s home or apartment. In some cases, residents will be able to spend time in the cattery with a cat that they are interested in adopting (under the supervision of a shelter staff member).


The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, which earned a perfect score in a 2016 state inspection, employs a host of cat-friendly programs and services. The shelter has the largest, most comprehensive Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) Program on Long Island. Since the program began in December 2010, the shelter has spayed/neutered more than 12,800 cats. Residents interested in helping shelter cats can become foster volunteers, in which they would temporarily house a shelter cat or kitten to help provide care and acclimate the cat/kitten to living in a home.


“The Town of Hempstead is committed to providing the best possible environment for our feline population,” concluded Santino. “Of course, the ultimate goal is for our shelter’s cats and kittens to find permanent homes, and we encourage our residents to adopt from our shelter.”


The Hempstead Town Animal Shelter is located at 3320 Beltagh Avenue in Wantagh. For more information, call the Shelter at (516) 785-5220 or visit


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Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino Makes Statement Concerning Reports of Barclays / Islanders Split

Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino released the following statement with regard to reports that the Barclays Center and the New York Islanders may be terminating their lease agreement, after the 2018-19 season:


“Recent news reports have raised the possibility of an early termination of the lease agreement that provides for the Islanders Hockey Team to play NHL games at the Barclays Center. In response to these news accounts, I will be reaching out to Mr. Ledecky and Mr. Malkin of the Islanders organization to convey my sincere and enthusiastic desire to facilitate the return of the Islanders Hockey Team to Nassau County. The Islanders’ Stanley Cup dynasty of the early 1980’s is part of Long Island’s identity and is among my great sports memories. I stand ready to lend my staff and offices to work towards an exhilarating and triumphant Islanders homecoming.”


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Hempstead Town’s VITA Program Releases Schedule

Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony Santino has announced the 2017 schedule for the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Program. The town’s corps of VITA volunteers is ready to provide senior citizens and residents with limited income with free income tax return filing services. Sponsored by the Town of Hempstead’s Department of Senior Enrichment under the auspices of the Internal Revenue Service, VITA tax preparers are trained in the latest changes in the tax laws and assigned to local libraries and senior centers throughout the ten-week filing period.


“For more than 40 years, Hempstead’s VITA volunteers have provided an invaluable service to our residents, helping them to obtain the maximum allowable refund,” stated Santino. “Our dedicated VITA volunteers will be assigned to one of the town’s 18 sites, beginning February 6th through April 17th.”


Participants must bring last year’s tax return (2015), all wage, Social Security and earning statements (W-2 and 1099, and 1095, if applicable), all interest, dividend, capital gains, IRAs, annuities and pension statements, 2016 property tax receipts, STAR exemption records, itemized expense records, social security cards and photo identification of all those filing tax returns.


Most VITA sites require that an appointment is made in advance. Many of the VITA locations are equipped to electronically file tax returns. Please note that VITA tax assistants are volunteers and are not required to prepare complicated returns.


“The Town of Hempstead continues to meet the needs of its citizens through innovative programs like VITA,” said Santino. “I encourage any senior citizen or resident with limited income who is interested in having his or her tax return prepared to take advantage of this excellent, free service.”


To view the VITA program schedule, please visit the town’s website or or call the Department of Senior Enrichment at (516) 485-8100 for further assistance.


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Santino & Blakeman Salute Staffer Who Rescued Missing Autistic Boy During Nor’easter

Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino and Councilman Bruce Blakeman, joined by Assemblyman Ed Ra, saluted a town worker whose conscientious nature and quick thinking resulted in the rescue of an autistic boy who had been reported missing on Monday evening, January 23rd. Town Communications employee, Michael Caputo, discovered the boy sleeping in a shed behind his Franklin Square home on Tuesday morning during a vicious nor’easter. Caputo alerted police who responded to aid the young man. The town officials presented Caputo with a “key to the town” for his heroic actions.


“There are heroes among us right here in our hometown,” said Santino. “As a result of the quick thinking and conscientious nature of Michael Caputo, a young man is safe today.”


The rescue story began in the morning on Tuesday, January 24th when Mr. Caputo awoke to hear helicopters flying overhead in his neighborhood. After checking local news stations for information on the unusual activity—and not finding any—the Franklin Square resident texted a neighbor to inquire about the helicopters. Caputo was advised that police were searching for a 16-year-old autistic boy who lived in the neighborhood. A few minutes later, while retrieving trash barrels that were blown about his property during a serious nor’easter, the town worker had a hunch. He thought to himself, ‘my backyard shed looks a little bit like a house.’ Opening the shed doors, Caputo found a boy asleep in the backyard structure. The Franklin Square homeowner immediately alerted the Nassau County Police Department, and officers responded to the shed.


“Franklin Square is a neighborhood that is like a big family. Residents care and look out for one another,” said Blakeman. “A neighbor who cared enough to take action is now a hero.”


Caputo showed a unique sensitivity during the rescue, not disturbing the teen, fearing he would alarm the youth. Instead, he contacted police and got blankets to keep his neighbor warm and safe.


Supervisor Santino and the Councilman presented Caputo with a “key to the town,” calling the town employee a “genuine hometown hero.”


“Mike Caputo is a hometown hero, and a local boy is safe because of his actions,” said Santino. “I am happy that he was able to help a young man in need, and I am proud that he is a member of the town’s workforce.”


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