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Assemblyman Curran Secures Supplemental Education Aid For Baldwin Schools

Last week, Assemblyman Brian Curran secured additional funding, known as Bullet Aid, for the Baldwin School District. The amount of the grant is $13,000.


“I will always work hard to ensure our local schools have all the resources necessary to set our children up for success,” said Curran. “When one of our school districts receives insufficient funding, I work with the administration to determine what additional needs they have, and then we work to supplement the school aid itemized in this year’s budget negotiations with grants. It is a privilege to represent and fight for our schools, and I am pleased we were able to secure this additional grant money.”


The $13,000 in Bullet Aid is in addition to the $31.5 million – a $419,948 increase from last year – allocated to the Baldwin School District. The school district plans to use the grant money for digital signage at the middle school.


“The Baldwin Union Free School District would like to thank Assemblyman Brian Curran for providing the funding for the digital signage at our middle school,” said Baldwin Superintendent Dr. Shari L. Camhi. “Communicating and promoting our upcoming and outstanding programs is essential to the growth and life of our community.”


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