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Assemblyman Curran Appointed To Commission To Select New Attorney General

Last week, Assemblyman Brian Curran was selected to represent the Assembly Minority on the commission to vet and select a new attorney general for New York state. In total, eight members of the Legislature will be on the commission.


“The circumstances surrounding the assembling of this commission are unfortunate, to say the least,” said Curran. “The former attorney general is accused of heinous acts against women, acts we cannot, nor will we tolerate from anyone, least of all the state’s top law enforcement official. It is this committee’s task to vet candidates wishing to fill this critical role and select a qualified candidate who will represent all New Yorkers while upholding the laws and ideals of New York state. I take my appointment to this committee very seriously, and I will be working very diligently with my colleagues to select the best possible candidate for New York state attorney general.”


This commission, set to start meetings this week, was assembled after the resignation of former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in the wake of multiple accusations of domestic violence against former love interests.


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