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Assemblymembers Curran, Miller Secure Grant for East Rockaway

Assemblyman Brian Curran and Assemblywoman Melissa “Missy” Miller announced that they have secured a $25,000 MULTI-MODAL grant for the village of East Rockaway. Curran and Miller worked with Mayor Bruno Romano throughout the application process to ensure successful acquisition of these state funds, which will be used to reconstruct approximately 750 linear feet of Rowe Avenue, beginning at Rowe Avenue and continuing to Waverly Avenue.


“It was a pleasure working with Mayor Romano to obtain these funds for the village of East Rockaway,” said Curran. “The grant money will be used exclusively for East Rockaway and will help offset the costs of construction on Rowe Avenue. This is why I go to Albany every year, to help improve our local community by fighting for our needs.”


“When communities are hit with flooding, the results can be devastating on multiple levels,” said Miller. “It can damage someone’s home, prevent them from traveling around and have a significant impact on local businesses. I am so happy to have the opportunity to partner with Assemblyman Brian Curran to provide funding to help the community of East Rockaway with flooding and road repairs. No matter the amount, every little bit helps, and I believe this grant will help significantly.”


“The Village of East Rockaway appreciates the hard work that Assemblyman Brian Curran and Assemblywoman Missy Miller have done on our behalf in Albany,” said East Rockaway Mayor Bruno F. Romano. “This $25,000 state grant, delivered by Assemblymembers Curran and Miller, will partially fund our Rowe Avenue reconstruction project. This investment in East Rockaway’s infrastructure will go a long way toward continuing to improve local roadways.”


MULTI-MODAL grants provide additional funding for local transportation capital improvement projects.


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Assemblyman Curran Secures Additional Education Aid for East Rockaway School District

Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook – 21st A.D.) announced that he was able to secure an additional sum of education aid known as “Bullet Aid” will be provided to the East Rockaway School District. East Rockaway, the only school district within the 21st Assembly District not to receive an increase in school aid this year, will receive $13,000 in added funding with no restrictions as to how it may be spent. Curran released the following statement:


“East Rockaway is a unique, middle-class school district which has a small commercial tax base and is misclassified as a middle-wealth district,” said Curran. “It was the only school district in my area that received less state education funding than the previous year. I know how important funding is for all of our school districts, especially East Rockaway, so I advocated for additional funding and I am proud to announce that East Rockaway will receive an additional $13,000 in funding. It is my sincerest hope that we can avoid this entire situation next year by providing adequate and increased funding to all of our schools during the budget process.”


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