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Assemblyman Curran’s Statement On End Of Session

A statement from Assemblyman Brian Curran


“This year, we secured record school aid for our local schools and increased funding to repair our local roads, but I believe the Legislature left too much on the table to be done. The Assembly has refused to pass significant ethics reform measures despite several pending corruption cases and a call every year from the Assembly Minority to address the problem once and for all.


“Another bill that my colleagues and I have long advocated for, Brittany’s Law, which protects the public by creating a domestic violence offender registry, has also been ignored this year. Term limits and lowering property taxes for our over-burdened residents were also not on the Majority’s to-do list. I believe so much more could and should have been accomplished this year, but the Assembly Majority are content with the status quo, and look where that has gotten us.”


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