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Hannon Passes Bill Holding Drug Dealers Accountable for Overdose Deaths

The New York State Senate took another step towards combating the ever-growing heroin and opioid epidemic by passing “Laree’s Law.” The bill (S2761), would allow law enforcement officials to charge a drug dealer with homicide if the sale of heroin or an opioid-controlled substance results in death.


“My Senate colleagues and I continue to build on our record of tackling the heroin and opioid epidemic head-on, but there is still more work to be done,” stated Senator Kemp Hannon, Senate Health Committee Chairman. “We need to continue efforts to curtail the alarming rise in the use of heroin and other opioids, and the devastating overdoses that result from this abuse. Diminishing the availability of these dangerous drugs on our streets is crucial and holding drug dealers accountable for their actions is a major step in the right direction. I commend Senator Amedore, Co-Chair of the Senate’s Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, and his leadership on this important legislation.”


Laree’s Law sends a strong message to mid-and high-level dealers that they can no longer thrive on others’ maladies. The state’s “Good Samaritan Law” will continue to provide safeguards to those who attempt to help individuals suffering from a drug overdose.


This legislation in only part of the ongoing commitment to combat this public health crisis. The expansion of prevention, treatment, recovery and education will continue to be a priority of the New York State Senate.


The bill has been sent to the Assembly.


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Assemblyman Saladino Supports Sens. Boyle And Venditto’s Efforts To Stop Heroin Deaths

Assemblyman Joseph Saladino renewed his call for legislation to combat the heroin epidemic plaguing Long Island. He joined forces with Sens. Michael Venditto and Phil Boyle, who will pass a package of bills including “Laree’s Law” in the Senate.


“We must put an end to the heroin epidemic that threatens the lives of our children and rips our families apart,” said Assemblyman Saladino. “I have been fighting this issue for years and I know the impact this is having on our communities. I have assisted the parents who have lost children to drug abuse and they have implored me to get legislation passed in the Assembly. We, in the Assembly, must follow the example set today by Sen. Phil Boyle and Sen. Michael Venditto and pass legislation before the end of session. It is too important not to.”


Laree’s Law (A.6039), which Assemblyman Saladino sponsors, will pass the Senate today. The legislation allows drug dealers to be charged with murder for deaths related to the sale and use of opioids.


“My colleagues and I conducted heroin task force forums on Long Island and across New York State to speak with health care professionals, law enforcement officials and those who have been affected by heroin abuse,” said Assemblyman Saladino. “In January we went public with our findings, but no legislation has been passed in the Assembly. Laree’s Law, which will be passed in the Senate, holds drug dealers accountable for deaths related to the sale of opioids. This is an important step toward ending the grasp heroin has on our community and it must pass the Assembly this year. I stand with Sens. Boyle and Venditto in the fight against drug abuse on Long Island.”


Assemblyman Saladino has been a leader on this issue for years. He continues to work with law enforcement, rehab facility administrators, medical experts and local drug prevention organizations such as “Drug-Free Long Island” and YES Community Counseling, to name a few.


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