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Clavin & Aviation Enthusiasts Celebrated National Aviation Week

Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin, town and state officials, as well as a major retail business and an aviation enthusiast recently celebrated National Aviation Week at one of the most hallowed locations in world aviation history, the site where Charles Lindbergh commenced his solo transatlantic flight. Joining Clavin at the Lindbergh Monument Historical Marker in Westbury were Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilman Ed Ambrosino, Town Clerk Sylvia Cabana, Assemblyman Ed Ra and Nassau Legislator Laura Schaefer, as well as aviation enthusiast Adam Sackowitz and a representative of Lesso Home, the owners of the property where the Lindbergh Monument is situated.


“Almost 80 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed August 19th National Aviation Day,” said Clavin. “Long Island is at the epicenter of aviation history, being the starting point of the heralded Lindbergh flight, not to mention the location where groundbreaking aircraft and spacecraft were developed and built. Now, we join with public officials, the business community and an aviation historian to celebrate National Aviation Day.”


The officials and other attendees noted that while the story of Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 transatlantic flight is known throughout the world, not everyone is aware that the renowned aviator began his journey by lifting off from a site in America’s largest township. The flight, which was the first solo, non-stop transatlantic airplane crossing revolutionized air travel and inspired an explosion in aviation development and commercial air travel.


President Roosevelt declared August 19th National Aviation Day in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday 91 years ago. The nation’s 32nd President led the country during a period when Long Island aircraft manufacturers were building the fighter planes that saved the free world during World War II.


“It is only fitting that we celebrate National Aviation Week at the site of the Historic Lindbergh Monument,” said Goosby. “I am delighted that my council district includes the “Cradle of Aviation,” and this is a great day for our region.”


In 2013, Clavin and his colleagues on the Hempstead Town Board announced their intention to designate the site where Lindbergh lifted off on his transatlantic flight as a historical landmark. The Hempstead Town Board conferred the township’s historical designation upon the site in July 2013, ensuring that it would be safeguarded from development.


“When I worked to pass the resolution to declare Transatlantic Flight Day in New York in May, I knew it was important to preserve this important moment in our aviation history,” Ra said. “I enjoy visiting the Lindbergh monument because it’s inspirational and it reminds me of the amazing feats that occurred right here in our own town.”


“Thank you to all of the people who have been dedicated to the preservation of this historical site in Hempstead Town,” Clavin said. “The legacy of Charles Lindbergh and the ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ will live on, and we’re proud that we have a monument here to celebrate that pivotal moment in American history.”


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