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Oyster Bay Lions Club Collecting Donations for Renovation and Beautification of Beekman Beach

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino is pleased to announce an exciting new renovation and beautification project slated for Beekman Beach in Oyster Bay, which will be completely financed and facilitated through the generous support of the Oyster Bay Lions Club. The Lions Club seeks private donations toward this venture.


“This is a perfect example of local government and the community working cooperatively to accomplish something meaningful and positive for the community,” said Supervisor Saladino. “The Oyster Bay Lions Club has a long and distinguished legacy of contributing to our community and this beautification project is another example of the incredible impact they have on our Town to make it a better place.”


The Oyster Bay Lions Club will renovate an existing overlook at the northern portion of Beekman Beach, which is situated on the western waterfront, just west of the Town’s Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, Beach and Marina. The project will include new benches, a new walkway and patio area, landscaping and a newly installed flag pole. The Lions Club, through their own fundraising initiatives, will fully finance the undertaking and be responsible for all aspects of construction. The Lions Club will work with the Town of Oyster Bay’s Department of Public Works to ensure that the project meets design and construction criteria.


“Beekman Beach is an area that has long been appreciated by our residents for its serenity and incredibly scenic views of Oyster Bay Harbor,” Supervisor Saladino added. “This renovation project will further enhance this already beautiful park and provide amenities that will allow our residents to even more fully appreciate all that it has to offer.”


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