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Free ‘Pet Fire Rescue Stickers’ Available for Animal Lovers

Carter, a happy and energetic shelter dog who was rescued by Assemblyman Ed Ra, was joined by his adopted “dad” and Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin, to “mark his territory” on Pet Fire Safety Day. The officials announced that “pet fire rescue stickers” will be available through their offices at no cost. The decals, which are to be displayed on the front doors of pet owners’ homes, can alert firefighters and other first responders that a pet resides at the house and may need to be rescued in the event of a fire or other emergency. Clavin and Ra also discussed pet safety tips, noting that 1,000 accidental home fires are started by pets annually. The officials and Carter were joined at a press briefing by a representative of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department, as well as animal welfare advocates.


“Carter has added a lot of joy to our family since we brought him home from the shelter,” said Ra. “By placing a ‘pet fire rescue’ sticker on my front door, Carter has the best chance to be rescued in the event of a home fire.”


In discussions between Clavin and Ra on the issue of Pet Fire Safety Day, the Receiver came up with the idea of producing “pet fire rescue” stickers and distributing them to pet owners at no cost. The officials agreed that the stickers would be an important part of safeguarding pets during emergency fires.


“What better way to celebrate our pets on Pet Fire Safety Day than by making ‘pet fire rescue stickers’ available to pet owners at no cost,” said Clavin. “Call our offices today for your sticker—it can be a lifesaver.”


The Assemblyman was the sponsor of a resolution that designated July 15th as Pet Fire Safety Day in New York, the same date as National Pet Fire Safety Day. The day was established by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and the AKC is focused on the prevention of fires that can be accidentally started by pets, as well as all measures to safeguard pets and property in the event of a home fire.


According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 1,000 house fires are started by pets each year. And, the United States Fire Administration estimates that 500,000 pets are affected annually by fires. The officials recommended the following tips to prevent home fires being started by pets:

  • Extinguish Open Flames – Curious pets will investigate cooking appliances, candles or even an open fireplace. Do not leave pets unattended with an open flame burning.
  • Remove Stove Knobs – Remove stove knobs or protect them with safety covers before leaving the house.
  • Consider Flameless Candles – Pets often knock over burning candles. Flameless candles are a safer alternative.
  • Secure Young Pets – Confine young pets to safe areas when you are not home with child safety gates or other safeguards.


The pet fire safety stickers that Clavin and Ra are providing to the public can be customized. Pet owners can indicate the type and number of pets at a house. They can even write the name(s) of a pet(s). Pet owners can call Clavin’s Office at (516) 538-1500 or Ra’s office at (516) 535-4095 to secure stickers. Stickers can also be acquired by emailing Clavin at receivermailinglist@tohmail.org.


“Pet Fire Safety Day presents an important opportunity for pet lovers to keep their pets and families safe,” said Clavin. “I want to thank Assemblyman Ra for passing a state resolution declaring July 15th as Pet Fire Safety Day.”


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