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Saladino Invites Residents to Enjoy 2018 Rotational Arts Exhibit Program

A Unique Program Integrates Arts and Community


Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino invites residents to enjoy the Town’s 44th Annual Rotational Art Exhibit Program. The program allows local artists to display their work in local libraries, banks, government offices and local businesses on a monthly “rotational” basis.


“Through this program, local businesses around the Town get the opportunity to join in supporting local artists, while providing patrons with the pleasure of viewing artwork in a setting they normally wouldn’t,” Supervisor Saladino said. “This program not only features the diverse works of new artists, but also some of the most accomplished artists from the area.”


Supervisor Saladino said that Rotational Art Exhibit Program allows local businesses a unique opportunity to position themselves at the intersection of industry and art. “This integration ultimately benefits both sectors and helps spread a passion for the arts,” Supervisor Saladino said. “I think we all benefit when the arts are more effectively incorporated into the everyday lives of our residents.”


While the 2018 schedule is set, the Town of Oyster Bay is already looking for new artists and businesses to participate in next year’s program. “In the Fall season, novice and experienced artists will have a chance to see their artwork approved and entered into ‘rotation’ where it will be displayed throughout the Town of Oyster Bay in 2019,” Supervisor Saladino said.


The program is free for both artists and businesses. A complete listing of display months and locations is printed in the program’s 2018 Exhibition Schedule which is available online at www.oysterbaytown.com under the Town of Oyster Bay’s Department of Community and Youth Services. The 2018 Exhibition Schedule is also available at Town Hall South in Massapequa, at local libraries or by calling the Town of Oyster Bay’s Department of Community and Youth Services at (516) 797-7932, where residents can also get any additional information they may require about this popular program.


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