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Local Inwood Resident Inducted into the Women in Human Services Hall of Fame

Sasha Young

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller and Sasha Young, her nominee for the Women in Human Services Hall of Fame.

Assemblywoman Melissa Miller’s nominee for the Women in Human Services Hall of Fame, Sasha Young, an Inwood resident, was honored on Tuesday, March 13 by the Strong Nonprofits for Better New York.


In addition to being a full time mother of three, Sasha has worked as a special education teacher’s aide in the Lawrence school district for 6 ½ years and remains actively involved in the Lawrence PTA. She also works at the Five Towns Community Center, supervising afterschool education and recreation programs for children of all ages in the surrounding communities. Adding to her already-busy schedule and her existing Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Sasha is also working toward her Bachelor of Arts in Education.


“The dedication and motivation Sasha shows for her community and furthering her own studies is truly an inspiration,” said Miller. “To take on that amount of responsibilities and give it 110 percent to get everything impeccably done in a timely manner is something not many can do. Though she does so much to help her community, she has expressed that the community has given her a lot in return by expanding her mind. Our community is rich with a variety of religions, cultures and languages, which have shown her that although we may all have a multitude of similarities, our needs are not all the same and are just as diverse as the community we live in.”


The honoring of the nominees, which emphasizes the importance of the human service industry, was followed by a press conference at which the Strong Nonprofits for Better New York advocated for money to be invested in the budget to fund minimum wage for contracted nonprofits and for adjustments in salary for workers who weren’t included in the direct-care increase.


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